WIWW – Let the sunshine in

I have been lazy the past few days or let me rephrase the word, I was really not in the mood to write after the google domain incident that happened a few days ago.  I will spare you my ranting since I was really shocked and down for some days after learning that my blog was expired.  But with the help of some friends and my perseverance to contact them, i was able to receive a concrete reason on why I received that e-mail.  It’s my first blog and for some sentimental reason, I have been maintaining it for four years now.

I guess, one thing I have learned on that incident is, it’s really good to ask around if your just a newbie on blogging (especially if you want to get your own domain) but that was a long ago, i have made several mistakes back then but now, I’m just happy that I have grown and learned a lot.

 So, enough of the drama and I have to get back on my senses,  so the lighten the mood, I am sharing you this outfit shot.

let the sunshine in

Bag from Romwe

This was taken last week of August, wooh, that was long ago and it’s been a while since I have posted some outfit shots.   I hope my mood gets better in the following weeks since I have some review that I needed to finish.

Top – yellow asymmetrical shirt – Romwe / Bag – Romwe /Pants – Gloria Vanderbilt  / Leopard Slim Belt – Romwe  / Sunglasses – Firmoo


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  1. Aww.. I feel for you. Nakakadisappoint naman tlga.

    Pero okay lang, you’re looking so cute and fab on that outfit! I’ve hyped it! <3


  2. Love the sunglasses and the bag’s print is really pretty.

  3. I love this look girl! You look fierce! HOT HOT HOT!

  4. Glad to hear that you were able to renew your blog with your friend’s help. I can understand how you feel.

  5. sorry to hear about your domain name sis. as a fellow blogger, i understand how you felt.

    anyway, nice outfit but what i really noticed was the color of your toes and how it matches your lipstick 😉

  6. Lovely outfit and lovely bag. So summery like colors. 🙂

  7. I can relate your rants too, tell me about it! lol. Love your bag!

  8. Yellow’s my fave color so I looove your shirt. Love the bag’s design as well. 🙂

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