Ways to encourage your kids to play outdoors

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With the new age of technology, most of the children nowadays would want to play with their gadgets or in the internet rather than to go outside and play with other friends.  Getting your kids to play an outdoor activity can give them many healthy benefits since it will keep them moving.  The move must start with you as a parent.  Here are some ways to encourage your kids to play outdoors.  Because playing with nature and enjoying the warm breeze of the air and getting enough sunlight are very important. Playing outdoor games does not give you healthy and physically fit but also gives a good personality to your children because they can learn how to interact which is far more than physical but also mental and emotional health.

Encourage your kids to have a creative play time like what I usually do with my kids.  Since, it’s like a part of our bonding time to create wonderful moments.  We let them play outside and run as much as they want but keeping in mind to take care of themselves too.  Sometimes, we create a pretend play wherein we re-create certain movies we have watch and think as if we are the ones on it.  I let them realize that outdoor play is not just seasonal or only during the warm sunny weathers.

Outdoor play is not just for summer but for all season, especially during the fall and snow season wherein you can enjoy tossing small snow balls.  Playing is very important for children especially that they their childhood will only pass once. Enjoy that moment with your child.  Create lasting memories with them by doing things as a whole family. Even with your busy schedule, do not forget to get out of the house once in a while and enjoy the sweet breeze of the air and feel the coldness of this season.  Encourage your child to explore the things around them.

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