Wallet Wand – Turn your wallet into purse

For a mom like me,  going to the grocery store or mall with big bags and a kid is really difficult. But using a wallet would be a problem too because of some pickpocketers and the worst leaving them anywhere since I tend to forgot things. Just imagine holding a wallet on your left and a baby on your right, it’s like your on an early lent pilgrimage.

So, when i have heard about this great idea of turning your wallet into a purse, my instant thought is that, ” i need to get one”.  I believe it is really a brilliant idea turned into a reality.

The magical transformation of your wallet into a purse.  With just a piece of a long hard wand like  and a string of chain, it’s something for every mom and woman whose always on the go.  And the chain also comes in two colors, gold plated and silver which means, you get two choices depends on the color of your wallet.

Value at $19.99, it’s definitely worthy.  The wallet wand package includes;
* (2) Two Wallet Wands for checkbook-sized wallets
* (1) one 55 cm silvertone curbed link chain
* (1) one 120 cm goldtone lumachina link chain
* (4) four 5″ x 0.5″ adhesive strips for trifold wallets

I’m so excited to use them.  I am also inspired to create a video of this,  watch out for this ladies.

Now, here’s the best part.  The team of amazing wallet want is very generous to provide of my lovely readers, a chance to have their very own ,  stay tune for this as it will be included on my upcoming BIG GIVEAWAY.

But if you can’t wait, you can check them out and buy them here; Follow them in facebook to learn more about this wonderful product.



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  1. That wallet wand sounds so interesting. I wonder how could that work. I can’t really imagine it. Hehe. I’ll be watching out for the giveaway! :)

  2. So creative I want to try this , will this make my money multiply too? I think it will be great :D

  3. That sounds like a great one to have fir Mommies like us.

  4. You were lucky to received such kind of product. I want to have a unique wallet and it looks so handy.

  5. The kit that you have reviewed is a must for those who keeps on forgetting their wallets. Maybe having a chain in their hand would be a great idea.

  6. Looking forward to the giveaway! :)

  7. that is one cool wallet. So innovative and unique. I want one too hehehhe

  8. hey! i like that.. i love wallets and i love purses and i like DO-IT-YOURSELF stuff.. :D

  9. This is a nice idea specially for moms and people on the go.

  10. wow! it’s the first time I heard about it I’d like to try it too..

  11. Wallet wand is very interesting and handy. I want to try it

  12. That’s a brilliant idea! I actually find it a problem when I have to hold on to my wallet especially when I’m carrying a lot of things. :) This is just brill!

  13. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    This is a great idea. I always take my purse with me but leave it in the car because it is so heavy. I just grab my wallet and always place it in the shopping cart but I am always wary of someone taking it. The Wallet Wand seems to be the perfect answer for me and my fellow wallet carriers.

  14. Karen Glatt says:

    This is a really nice item! I like that my wallet will be handy and I can get it easily and the colors are vibrant and I would love to own one of these because I noticed that the price is right!

  15. Danielle Wuest says:

    This def. something to look into, as a small diy purse would work well for busy on the go ppl..

  16. md kennedy says:

    So smart! Sometimes I just don’t need to carry around my whole purse – like in quick runs to the grocery store – and only need my wallet. But want to keep my hands free. This is perfect for then!

  17. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    Such a neat idea. I know there have been many times that I didn’t need my whole purse but was afraid of setting down my wallet and forgetting it!

  18. william saylor says:

    A great idea I want it.

  19. Ann Cagalingan says:

    Great giveaway!

  20. Wish sumone will buy a gift for me like this one!

  21. Linda Heng says:

    Wow, that’s a neat and smart idea! First time seeing something like this; very unique!

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