Totally Hot Shoes: Sshoes by Mary Arnett


I know that this segment can be found on my other fashion blog but I thought it’s worth sharing too with my lovely readers here since this shoes is definitely a must have for every lady. Here’s another totally hot shoes.

There are some that are obsessed with bags, others are hankies and scarfs and I have known some few whose collections of shoes totally rocks.  I guess, if Madam Imelda Marcos learned about this post, she would definitely would love to have this too.

What is Sshoes?

Ssh-oes are comfortable heels specifically engineered and designed to not make noise when you walk. You know that “click-y” noise your heels make every time you take a step in heels? Well, ssh-oes don’t make that noise!

Interesting isn’t it but yes, you have read it right.  This shoes is the only shoes in the world that doesn’t make noise when you walk.  Imagine your high heeled shoes or wedges that tick and tack when you walked around the corridor.  I’m very aware of this fact since my co-workers would always knew when I’m coming with  the noise of my heavy steps.  It’s not that I’m too heavy but i always thought that sounds are pretty but sometimes it has cons too and of course, it’s hard to tiptoe on your feet to avoid such noise.

So, this shoes is definitely a good idea for those who doesn’t like that annoying sound  and what’s great to hear is that Sshoes are really comfortable because it was made and cushioned with memory foam and lycra with leather lining to make the shoe blister free.

I have always dreamed of owning a red stilettos. I think they give a very sexy impression and very powerful  but I’m afraid  if i can manage to walk using them since I have a very clumsy feet too.


With a mission to give comfortable and quite heels,  I think Mary Arnett had made it really great to provide woman like me a chance to look good and stylish with this pretty red shoes.  I hope this innovation will see a brighter days and find it’s way to global market because i believe that all woman deserves the best.  Now, i don’t need to worry that my feet will get sore after a long day of wearing stilettos.  This one is really indeed a totally hot shoes.

Learn more about Sshoes by Mary Arnett. Check out the facebook page too.

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  1. Their shoes are very stylish indeed. I have two of their collection and i love it. Love your choice too 🙂

  2. Hot, hot, hot. I love red shoes!

  3. Those are really nice shoes and I love them. You are lucky to try those kind of shoes.

  4. Lovely shoes selection! I like ssh-oes brand light and comfy

  5. That is so pretty! I love shoes and that color is gorgeous.

  6. Love the color as it is eye-catching, perfect to wear with a simple neutral clothing because it will pop. The ribbons make it more appealing din

  7. Very well said Mel 🙂 I love their shoes too, its beyond comfort. I like the color you choose and the style too.

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