Birthday in a Box Toys Galore


While girls loves dolls and play houses, sons are definitely in love with big trucks and robots. My son is one of those many kids who love trucks and big cars and his toy box has been overflowing with different kind of cars.

He had been asking me to get him a truck for quite sometime but I have no luck on finding the right one.  But when I saw the collection of Toy Trucks at Birthday in a Box, i know that he will be happy to have one.   Honestly, i had a hard time choosing what to get since my son loves all of them.  But then, hubby and I decided to get this yellow loader for him.


This was really nice since you can remove both the front and back loader.  It looks really sturdy and very similar to the real thing.


The Bruder Toys company was a German company built by it’s founder Mr. Paul Bruderand and built way back 1926 and since then, Bruder is been creating quality toys and introducing  new products to its line of vehicles, promotional gifts and small toys.  Their toys will definitely last for a long time since they are made from quality materials and they  look definitely similar from the original big trucks.

My little boy was so ecstatic to play with his new loader and I’m definitely getting another one from Birthday in a Box.  On the other hand, this is just one of the many toys there are offering. Toys that every kid would surely love to have. To know more about their toys and other products, you can Like Birthday in a Box on Facebook.  You can have a merry toys galore and not just toys but also party items and materials too.