What to Do About Abscessed Teeth

One of the most painful oral issues, an abscess on your teeth or gums will most definitely cause you some pain, and if you think you have an abscess in your mouth, you should seek out a dentist immediately. There are two types of oral abscess, a tooth abscess, which affects the tooth root, and an abscess on the gums, and this occurs when the tooth is loose and a cavity forms between the tooth and gums.

Tooth Abscess

Although some oral issues are difficult to detect and may go unnoticed for a while, this is not the case with an abscess. The pain will become apparent at a very early stage, and in some cases, the pain can be disruptive, similar to toothache, and hot or cold foods will cause some discomfort. If you happen to live in NSW and are suffering from what you think might be an abscess, there is an excellent emergency dentist in Sydney who can soon relieve the pain, and with a course of antibiotics, the treatment can begin. In the event of a tooth abscess, the dentist might recommend root canal treatment, which involves removing the pulp from the centre of the tooth and after the root is thoroughly cleaned out, the canal is filled and a crown fitted.

Gum Abscess

This is treated in a different way, and the dentist will drain the infection and perform deep cleaning with scaling and root planning. Plaque and tartar need to be removed, and with the right course of antibiotics, the infection should go away within a week or so. In severe cases, surgery might be the best option, as the infection can be thoroughly removed and steps can be taken to ensure there are no repeat issues. If you would like to see a detailed diagram of the teeth and gums, there are informative articles on the subject that you can find on health related sites online.

Oral Hygiene

As with most dental problems, good oral hygiene will reduce the likelihood of an abscess, and your dentist can help you to create healthier oral hygiene practices, which will reduce the risk of any further occurrence. Using a mouthwash really helps, as this removes the tiny bacteria that brushing might miss, and regular flossing is also important, and should be done after every meal. The final tooth brushing at night is critical, as anything missed will have a few hours of uninterrupted inactivity in which to breed, so it is important to ensure your mouth is clean before sleeping.

Correct Brushing Techniques

Your dentist can help with toothbrush selection and brushing techniques, which will determine the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Ideally, the toothbrush should be medium and have a small head that can easily be manoeuvred, allowing you to clean the awkward areas. There are useful articles that examine common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth, and it also offers sound advice on correct brushing. Good oral hygiene practices should ensure that mouth abscesses are a thing of the past, and by educating other members of the family, you can limit your dental visits to the scheduled check-ups.

If you have just moved to a new area and have yet to register with a dentist, an online search will help you to find a local clinic, and should you ever require treatment, you will know who to call.

Beautiful White Teeth with Smile Brilliant

Having  pearly white teeth, that’s something we all wanted to achieve but as years goes by those once pearly teeth had become yellowish because of different circumstances and our foods intake that stains them.  Having a complete white teeth is very important to keep that smile sweet and wide.  Of course, you don’t want to limit your happiness because your a little bit shy since you don’t want  to expose that not so good teeth.

Before, one of the main reason why I could not show my teeth when pictures are taken is the fact that my front teeth are broken and stains are visible on some part. It’s to late for me to realize the value of taking care of my teeth but then there’s always hope as they say.

There are ways to maintain that pearly white teeth but then it takes a lot of patience on your part from brushing, careful cleaning, regular visits to your dentist and not eating those foods that will leave stains on your teeth.

For some, they even invest a huge amount of money and time to get their teeth whiten again by going to the dentist for  bleaching or professional teeth whitening service , a process that can cost thousand of dollars. Other toothpaste company make promises that when you used their certain product, your teeth will be whiten in a week or so but still it doesn’t work that way.

smile brilliant

But still, one should not lose hope of getting back that beautiful perfect smile right in the comfort of your own home.  That’s where Smile Brilliant LEd whitening system comes to the rescue.

Providing a custom-fitted teeth whitening trays and whitening gel straight from the lab which you can used in the comforts of your home.  There LED teeth whitening system is a great alternative to bring that pearly white teeth you have been wanting to achieve.

smile brilliant led whitening system

Budget friendly, effective and easy to use, the Smile Brilliant Led whitening system can give you wonders .

Here’s a quick guide on how to use your Professional Teeth Whitening Kit;

step 1

  • After opening the light battery cap, you need to remove the plastic disc .  Insert the battery back facing up.

whitening kit,

  • Extrude the Gel by removing the cap to expose the brush tip applicator. Pull off the teeth whitening pen cap and twist the bottom of the whitening pen counter clockwise to move the whitening gel to the tip of the pen.


( The instructions says that it make take up to 30 or 40 twist to get the gel flowing)

brighten your teeth

  • Next apply the whitening gel by spreading it evenly to your teeth and the gums like painting a beautiful art work.  (don’t worry there’s no mention of how much you can put but then it’s already up to what you can take since you need to be careful that your lips should not touch your teeth and keeping your saliva during this process).  P.S.,  just don’t mind my cracked lips.


Turn the light on by pressing this button.  (you need to press hard for the off button to work though)


  • Insert the protective lip guard on your teeth (although i was not able to take the picture of it but you can see them on the picture)  Then the last part which when you place the LED light in front of your teeth .  Don’t rub the light on the lip guard so that the gel would not go out of place.  Let the light stays on your mouth for about 20 to 40 minutes.  (Although you may see in the picture that it was very near to my mouth but a distance should be maintained, i just could not take the pictures on my side.

The whitening gel can be used for several times.  I repeated the process for three times and I see visible result.  Now,  i’m all ready to put my best smile with my beautiful white teeth.


Before – Note:  two front teeth has dental crown & bridge respectively












The Laser Teeth Whitening with LED Accelerator Light can be bought for $69.95 on their website but it was for sale for a discounted price of  $39.95.

my recent pic with hubby

my recent pic with hubby – now, I’m not afraid to show my teeth anymore  🙂

Ingredients: 4ml of teeth whitening gel pen contains , 22% carbamide peroxide, 

Check out this video here to learn more about this LEd whitening product.