Prep up your Summer with Swish

Summer is definitely one of our favorite months, although sometimes the heat may be unbearable, the thought of hitting the beach or swimming pool thrills me and the kids, it only means a great time of fun filled day with my family.

Imagine walking on the shore line with someone you care and talking about beautiful thoughts that can filled your memories with happiness.

It is also the time to visit some friends since it’s the time for festivities and local feasts which gives a chance to catch up and have a nice long chat with relatives and friends.

Indeed summer is something that most of the people enjoys but it is also one of the season that foods are overflowing and since occasions and events are very common, we tend to eat a lot and be merry.

prep up that summer with swish

So, it’s always handy to have something that makes your breath fresh all day.  You don’t want to have that feeling of awkwardness while talking to your friends or new acquaintance.  Would you?

Powered by Surefresh Technology that kills bad breath causing bacteria, plaque and gingivitis, Swish Mouthwash is definitely something you need to bring alongside with your favorite bikini.  Safe to use, so you don’t need to worry even if you use them everyday. Prep up your summer with swish.

Swish is another quality product of Unilab.

So, do you have any plans for the summer.  Although, we are thinking of just having a staycation, I have weddings and birthdays to attend to , so you could just imagine my in dire need of this product.

Summer with Kate Spade

Flowers, colorful dresses , fresh looking and dainty designs , some of the things that you can describe Kate Spade’s summer collection.

I so love their simple yet very elegant collection.  It’s very refreshing to the eye and you can just imagine the comfort it can give you once you wear them.

Pair them with nice pieces of accessories and a dainty bag and your ready for the summer season.

I love their dresses as well as their blouses because it’s pleasing to the eye and something you would really wish to have in your wardrobe.

Pair this with a beautiful bag and you will surely say how you wish things will be different so you can have all the money in the world to buy all the things you wanted too.

Kate Spade is one of the brands that is something worth it.  Although some of them prices are really high, you can able to help others brings job and/or a good fortune.

For your inquiry needs, you can check out Kate Spade internet shop or just wait for monday,  first hour in the morning.

Platypus Australia – A summer must have for kids

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Summer is a fun time to celebrate under the sun.  Kids love the thought of enjoying a good swim,  whether it’s a nearby pool or beach,  they always look forward on playing with water.

 Whether your family is going for a travel or even just on your own backyard,  it’s very important to have summer clothing that can protect you and your family from the harmful rays of the sun.


There are many articles that discusses about UVR or Ultra violet rays and sunburn is one sign that our skin has been exposed with too much UVR and prolonged exposure to it can causes serious healthy problems which often resulted to skin cancer or cataracts.

That’s why health advocates recommends to use clothing products and accessories that protects our skin from the harmful solar UVR.

Being a mother, we always wanted to get the assurance that our kids are protected with this harmful UVR.  I make it a habit to apply lotion with spf especially made for kids sensitive skin.  I even let them wear hats and polarized sunglasses but little did I know that this is not enough to secure them.

It’s also best for them to wear a protective clothing with UV protection.  That’s where Platypus Australia came into the picture, there products are indeed specialized swimwear apparel that kids will surely love.


Kids love to enjoy the water  and disregard about the summer heat,  for them swimming is something very enjoyable.

Platypus Australia swimwear apparel has SPF 50 which is rated as having excellent protection which our children badly needed especially this great heat.


The swimwear is soft to touch and fits easily to my little boy. He loves the color and knows that this one is for him. I am very happy to be given the chance to receive and review one swim apparel for our darling Ritz. Seeing his face, you know he is enjoying the backyard swimming and yes just like the majority of kids, they are really hard to stop especially when they love what they doing.

Good thing, i don’t need to worry that much regarding UVR because my kids are covered by Platyful Australia apparel.

Check them out today and join their facebook page.

Enjoy the Sun with Sun Protective Clothing

Summer is coming very fast and I can almost feel the heat of the sun.  Although, we love summer very much because it’s the perfect time to go for a picnic or visit a nearby beach or swimming pool, the heat of the sun totally burns me leaving me and my kids sunburn or sometimes skin irritation.  But hubby get’s the most sunburn from all of us. It is perhaps part of his genes or his stubbornness to put some sunblock.

We all know that the sun rays gave us some good benefits but too much of this can also lead to skin cancer or even heat stroke, dehydration or sun burn and even wrinkles.  This was caused by the UVR or ultra violet rays and this is more higher during summer  between 9:00 AM to 3:00 P.M.

Sun Protection Zone offers apparel and accessories perfect for this time of year.  Whether your going to the beach, sports, or daily activities as long as your going to meet Mr. Sun, this apparel is definitely a must have in your wardrobe.  Each apparel has sun protection benefits that can help you protect your skin from the sun.

From polarized sunglasses , hats, long sleeve, jacket, shirts and swimsuits, name it and they have it.  It’s a one stop shop from your family since they have collections for boys, girls, for moms and dads too.

Back to hubby,  he really liked his new  Men’s short sleeve rash guard from Sun Protection Zone because it’s indeed stylish.  This ActiveSkinz™ rash guard is  made from recycled polyester (63%), nano bamboo charcoal (27%), and spandex (10%).  It has

  • SPF 100 / UPF 50+ rated.  I even told him to take a pose with his new sun protective shirt but his always shy.  I guess, i’ll just take a shot when he uses this on our coming summer escapades.

active sports

What I like with this shirt is the fact that it was eco-friendly and it was built to resists chlorine and saltwater.  It’s stretch and smooth gives the wearer easy movement.  What’s more, it’s indeed affordable for the price of $25 , since you get benefits more than that amount can give especially to the health of our love ones.

Heat can be a big problem but with preventive measures like wearing the right protective outfit /gear we can enjoy the outdoor. After all, we don’t like the sun to be the reason for not having a great summer outdoor getaway. Don’t you think?

Check out Sun Protection Zone to learn more about their sun protective products.  Follow them on Facebook  and  Twitter.

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