US polo association- built for fashion and comfort

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Polo shirt is now considered as a classic. Going down to history, polo shirts are known to be used by polo players but today’ it become a universal trend, polo shirts was once referred only to the long-sleeved, buttoned-down shirts traditionally used in polo, soon became a  universal name on shirts. The U.S. Polo Assn. brand is the official brand of the United States Polo Association, it offers trendy, displaying stylish solid and striped color varieties that allow you to make your own bold fashion statement. Each polo shirt is suited for multi-purposes and comprised of high-quality 100% cotton.

While their primary products are clothing for men, women and chilsdren,  U.S. POLO ASSN. brand also offers  accessories, luggage, watches, shoes and even home furnishings.  This brand is not new to us since we have been buying it for ages because of its high quality and affordable price. But what interest me is their sneakers which i personally believe can compete to well know brands in the market today.  The materials and the design is such a beauty and what’s matters most is that it’s comfortable to wear. There are many fashion sneakers that can make a statement and some brand which was created as best in athletic and or fashion-focused footwear focused but US Polo Assn sneakers are not trendy but still remains with the classic feel vibes that i am looking for which is good for just any wear.  It’s worth buying and a must have in every girls closet.

You can check out their different styles for men, women and children alike.   Shop Bestsellers at U.S. Polo Assn. 

There wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns.

Polo Shirts Starting at $19.99

Must Have Shoes for Women

Dress, bags, accessories, just like those things, shoes is one of the most important pieces in our wardrobe. Before, I used to think, why women owned a lot of shoes and how will they able to wear all of them.  But just like any hobbies, hoarding shoes (Oh, I called them hoarding, why?  because i have seen someone who buys three to four shoes in one shopping) is totally addicting. There are must have shoes.

must have shoes

If you begin to collect shoes, you would not notice that your collection would be growing as years goes by.  It would be so much fun to see them, don’t you think? But the problem will arise when they were too many and you don’t know where to stock them anymore.

But if you don’t have the means to buy many shoes ,  there are some pieces that is a must have on your closets.

Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoes or flat shoes can be used in many dresses and many occasion.  It’s also very comfortable on you feet.


Ever heard of that famous mini black dress? Pair them with a nice stilettos and you are ready to go on a date or an evening of fun. Giving you not just glamorous look but very feminine.


This shoes are perfect for summer but just as perfect for any outdoor events.  It adds additional inches on your height and make you more sophisticated. Colored wedges defines  your  sense of fashion statement.

Sandals and flip flops

One of my favorite.  If your just going for a simple run on the grocery or on the market, slide on to your favorite flip flops or sandals and you are ready to go. Now a day, flip flops is not just for beach only, you can see many ladies wearing them wherever they go.  Why?  They are very comfy and the designs do really rocks.


This is my favorite of all, pair them with your jeans or even a knee length dress and you feel like a star ready to go anywhere.


Are you into sports or just want to have a comfortable walking time, sneakers are good for jeans and shorts.

Having the basic shoes for just any occasion is just enough if you don’t have the means to buy all those beautiful shoes.  But start from one pair each month and you will have 12 shoes in a year and as years goes by, I would imagine, your shoes would be as many as your famous celebrities, ooh you also need to check out my stylish obsession and find out what i’m raving about these days.