Look of the Day : Pretty in Pink

pretty in pink, pink fashion , cava handbags

hot pink , with cava drawstring bag

I always see myself not pretty enough but when I wear something dainty as pink, it boost my confidence and transform me into something different from usual.

Attending mother in law’s string ensemble concert, I chose to wear a blouse that is similar to hubby and my daughter.  (we always love going out with matching color) .   I also love my Cava Drawstring bag because it brings out the edgy side of me despite the sweet look with the matching bracelet i have made. ) You should check out Cava handbags , they offer stylish yet affordable bags that you would surely love.

” I believe in pink.  I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.  I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.  I love in being strong when everything seems to be wrong.  I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. “

                                                                                         –  Audrey Hepburn

pretty in pink, cava handbags

Pink Fashion never goes out of style.  It represents valentines, summer and the beauty of life.  Although, i’m not a pink person in my younger years, as the years goes by I have entirely embrace the color.  There are many shades of pink and this hot pink is one of our faves.

Here’s  hubby and Peachy also  in pink :0

pretty in pink

Pink Blouse  and Black Pants – random

Pink scarf – Kohls

Pink Bag – Cava Handbags

Bracelet – made by me

Earrings and Belt – SM Accessories

Queen of the Night

A friend told me that facebook and social media can transform ordinary person to something far different.  I guess, she’s right because I have never imagine that I can be bold and provocative like this.  I could not consider myself a shy person but I guess i have many reservation.

queen of the nightJust like hubby told me, I was like a butterfly, once a small caterpillar turned into a pupa inside my own cocoon (world) and now a colorful butterfly, ready to do the things I have never done before.  I may not have the body to flaunt, (but who knows after some diet and exercise) I can able to achieve and be back on my old body before I have my two adorable kids.

I always find black to sexy and sensual and it brings the fierce side of you.

me ria

I love the lace details of this Romwe Lace Floral Anomalous Dress. It’s really versatile because you can wear it during day and night time. I’m also planning to wear this when we attend the concert on February.


I so love this spider ring

 The bag was perfect match with the leather jacket and I’m so happy to get this skull bracelet because it compliments  the chained necklace matched them with Firmoo shades and your good to go.


 Anomalous Dress from Romwe, Asymmetrical Jacket from Oasap , Skull Bracelet and Bag from F2M Boutique,  Leather Bracelet and Earrings from SM Accessories, Adorned Golden Chain Necklace from Romwe, Spider ring from Jacquelyn, Sexy Tights from Romwe, RX Sunglasses from Firmoo, Shoes from Caleigh Madison.

Fashion – Edgy chic glam

I remember my high school days wherein vests, leather jackets, tight pants and boots are the hottest and today those same rock and edgy fashion is coming back with vengeance leaving a deeper and more meaningful meaning for those rock princesses out there and the look is definitely more fierce and extremely sexy.

Spikes  and studs can be seen everywhere, from bags, dresses,pants,  shoes, accessories even with intimate apparels.  Edgy rock is definitely getting the good vibes making more people to try this look.  All over the net, you can get many inspirations and different pieces of clothes and accessories to complete your entire edgy chic glam.  You don’t need to over do it by wearing them from head to toe,  you can match them with simple pieces like silver to make the look sweeter.

edgy look,rock  princess, rock glam

Asymmetric Double-layer Look Biker Jacket from Oasap.com – $ 111

You bet, i wish, I’m 16 again so i can wear those jacket , tight pants and ride on a bikers back strolling the city or watched the concert of Wolfgang but I guess I don’t need to be young again to try this look,  I will always be forever a romantic rock star in my heart and wearing this pieces not just bring good times but makes me feel young again after all it’s all brings back with the right attitude as they say.


Create an edgy look even with simple pieces from your wardrobe.  Corset is definitely in this days, black or black and white is the color i usually see in many fashion trendsetter. Shorts and black leather skirts are those who create  good ensemble but pants still works matched them with studs or spikes shoes or just a sexy black pumps and definitely the one sitting beside you would definitely look back.  For shoes that rock, you can check out Caleigh Madison fabulous collection of boots and wedges that definitely fit for a glam look you have always wanted, not to forget achieving that sexy look.

accessories, studs, silver, sm accessories, romwe

Silver bracelet – SM Accessories $10 / Sex Leopard Bracelet – Romwe.com $ 13.99 /Black & Silver Earrings – $11 / FNM Studded Headband $ 2 – / Vero Moda Black and White Corset tops – $ 20

Complete your look with the Asymmetric Double layer look biker jacket from Oasap.com , the irregular hem line gives a rock and chic feeling.  The material is very light that is completely comfortable making it suitable use not just when your riding a motorcycle but a great piece to include on your look when your going to a night hang out with friends or love one. The design hides my full body especially the excess fats I have been wanting to shed, hopefully next time, I can able to show my sexy side without hiding my front.

caleigh madison, pumps,

Caleigh Madison Pumps – $65

(Tops – Black and White Vero Moda, Denim pants – Caterpillar,  Bikers Jacket – Oasap.com , Pumps – Caleigh Madison , Headband – FNM , Silver and black earrings, silver bangles – SM Accessories, Sexy Bracelet – Romwe.com , see separate post, )