Fashionable Finds – Roxsee Jewelry Hanger

With the holiday and the preparation for the super typhoon, i haven’t got the chance to find sometime to seat for a long time in front of my computer and shared my thoughts to blog and review products i currently acquired.  I just don’t want others to see me sharing accessories and girl things while the rest of the country is mourning.

We are just so grateful that the typhoon has not affected our town as much as he had done on several provinces of Visayas and Mindanao which up to now, deaths are been tolling up .

It’s really hard to focus especially if your mind and heart is overwhelming with thoughts and disbelief and watching the news made me cry but I do have commitments and i guess even though other’s still find it very insensitive to share fashionable items.  I just hope that you will let me pass this time and find this post worthy of checking out.

Accessories and jewelries are just one of  the things that completes an overall woman’s attire. It has been used since ages and it compliments your appearance by giving you  a gorgeous and smart look.  I so love them and many woman does.


With my growing accessories, i just put them on clear boxes and placed them inside my cabinet or drawers which I find really hard since you have to open all of them and find something you wish to wear for that particular time and occasion.

jewelry storage,

That’s why, I’m so happy when i got the chance to receive this dainty accessories organizer from Roxsee.

It’s a genius idea that you get to store all your accessories in a one place.  It’s very easy to store and you can just hang it anywhere you like them to be.  Placed them inside your dresser or cabinet or just on the wall which you can easily find.


Far from my previous accessories storage boxes, i would never experience tangled bracelets and necklace with Roxsee hanger.

With more than hundreds of small holes, it can accommodate many earrings. It has hooks too which you can place your bracelets , necklace, watches, belts and even rings.  Below is a better view of the jewelry hanger which you can see, there are still many holes left which can accommodate my growing collection of earrings.


So, what do you think?  Did you like it?  I know you would.  What’s great is that it’s very affordable and indeed fashionable.

You can check it out at  or follow their facebook page to learn the latest updates.  You can also leave some loving comments below and share your thoughts on this great find.