Fashion Finds : Funeral Traditions

It’s a fine day, a beautiful day to celebrate life and bond with the family but today we pay our last respect to a mother of a friend.  Life is indeed unpredictable, people will see you happy and enjoying life and suddenly, you will be diagnosed with sickness.  That’s why, it’s very important to enjoy it until it last, so that you can never get a chance to say “i wished i have done that”. This is indeed one fashion finds.

Black has always been the fashion in every funeral traditions.  We often see black dress, shirts or blouse since it associates with mourning but you can always wear any color as long as it’s not bold or very bright and wear simple yet elegant accessories or jewelries.

But with the latest trend and time and based on what I have seen, white with black accent has been more favorable and create a cool ambiance especially at this time that the grieving family needs more comfort.

Life is too short so make sure to count every blessings that comes around.

On the other hand, it’s not because your attending a funeral, you would never get the chance to wear something fashionable?  With East Clothes, you can definitely find something for every occasion.  Even if your attending a party, or celebrations or even a funeral, you can find affordable clothes to meet your demands and make you stand out from the crowd and the best part, they deliver so fast that you will think, their shop is just around the corner.

black bag, cheap bags,

I really love this studded bag, it’s very trendy and fits all my things into places and not to forget that the shoes is definitely a stand out. They often say that best things in life is free which I totally agree.  You can always have happiness even with simple things.

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Fashion Finds – Dare to be bold with Front Row Shop

What do you prefer? Soft or warm?  Dainty or Rock Glam?

I have always love edgy and rock style although i’m not that type that goes all the way since i still have some reservation but then when you become a mom, changes is inevitable and even your style will greatly affect this certain changes in your life but nevertheless, i’m still happy that I can still wear edgy style without looking like I’m trying hard for my age.

One online shop I found very interesting is Front Row Shop , just by browsing their site, you would definitely find something your looking for.  Although their site features  less collections than the others in the web, you could feel their dedication on every outfit they feature and created. Making sure to provide fashionable and trendy designs ready to compete with international brands but what’s interesting is that the price is definitely competitive and far more affordable.

high waist trouser with split

I’ve chosen this high waist trouser with side split and I can totally say that it was just like made to fit to wearer.  Not to tight nor too lose, it’s a perfect pair for blouses or even slim shirts.  For day to night time affair.  No wonder,it’s a blogger choice and indeed a fashion finds.

front row dress

I feel like a celebrity mom on this pretty red dress from their collection, it’s stylish and fits perfectly.  So, what do you think?

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Fashionable Finds – Roxsee Jewelry Hanger

With the holiday and the preparation for the super typhoon, i haven’t got the chance to find sometime to seat for a long time in front of my computer and shared my thoughts to blog and review products i currently acquired.  I just don’t want others to see me sharing accessories and girl things while the rest of the country is mourning.

We are just so grateful that the typhoon has not affected our town as much as he had done on several provinces of Visayas and Mindanao which up to now, deaths are been tolling up .

It’s really hard to focus especially if your mind and heart is overwhelming with thoughts and disbelief and watching the news made me cry but I do have commitments and i guess even though other’s still find it very insensitive to share fashionable items.  I just hope that you will let me pass this time and find this post worthy of checking out.

Accessories and jewelries are just one of  the things that completes an overall woman’s attire. It has been used since ages and it compliments your appearance by giving you  a gorgeous and smart look.  I so love them and many woman does.


With my growing accessories, i just put them on clear boxes and placed them inside my cabinet or drawers which I find really hard since you have to open all of them and find something you wish to wear for that particular time and occasion.

jewelry storage,

That’s why, I’m so happy when i got the chance to receive this dainty accessories organizer from Roxsee.

It’s a genius idea that you get to store all your accessories in a one place.  It’s very easy to store and you can just hang it anywhere you like them to be.  Placed them inside your dresser or cabinet or just on the wall which you can easily find.


Far from my previous accessories storage boxes, i would never experience tangled bracelets and necklace with Roxsee hanger.

With more than hundreds of small holes, it can accommodate many earrings. It has hooks too which you can place your bracelets , necklace, watches, belts and even rings.  Below is a better view of the jewelry hanger which you can see, there are still many holes left which can accommodate my growing collection of earrings.


So, what do you think?  Did you like it?  I know you would.  What’s great is that it’s very affordable and indeed fashionable.

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Beauty Finds : Merlot Skin Care Review and Giveaway

null photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png

“Merlot Skincare was founded by Wayne Beckley after he became interested in research showing that the French have lower rates of heart disease due to the fact that they consume at least one glass of red wine per day. Wayne Beckley decided to do some detailed research into the benefit of grape seed polyphenols and this research gave him the inspiration for the Merlot Skin range. All of the skin care products in the range contain grape seed polyphenols and there are a number of anti-aging products within the Merlot Skincare range.”

Natural grape seeds extract has been known for its healing power.  It was associated to have substances that protect the cells from damage and help bring back the smoothness and beauty of the skin.  Drinking a green seeds extract is generally safe based from medical studies so applying them by means of skin care product is not an exemption.

That’s what Merlot skin care can boast, there products are free of fragrance and great for sensitive skin.  Based from the site , “the procyanadolic oligimers (PCO) contained in grape seed polyphenols have been found to be 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E and 25 times more powerful than Vitamin C”  which means it’s more powerful than a regular skin care products that i have used before.

merlot skin care

Imagine my delight when i was granted  to review their products.  I choose the Merlot Microdermabrasion Body Scrub since I love to have a body scrub once in a while , so I thought it would be a nice opportunity to scrub at home.  The purple color and the light smell can definitely doze you to sleep and the smoothness it can leave your skin is something i truly needed.

On the other hand, the Merlot Divine Perfume is definitely true to its name,  divine.  It doesn’t have a fruity smell instead it’s a bit musk , might be the scent of the grapes and i feel like i’m on a fields of grapes enjoying the beautiful scenery and fragrance of the fruits.

I also love the idea of its bottle, it’s a real catch since after i finished them, i can still use the bottle as a flower vase because of it’s slim and dainty figure, that’s where recycle products came to view.

And i so love the thought that they also included a night moisturizer since the last night cream I have used doesn’t do me justice and since I have Merlot skin care , i would definitely check its further results after several usage.


So, tell me your thoughts?   Merlot products are also available at Walgreens stores and through, as well as a number of winery  and dermatologist’s gift shops. Check out Merlot Skin care today and learn about how they can give you beautiful skin.  Sign up with their newsletter to learn the latest deals and updates.  Follow them on Facebook and don’t forget to join the giveaway below to get a chance to try this wonderful skin care collection.


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Merlot is a company that offers moisturizer, cleanser and cream based on natural grape-seed extract as an antioxidant to fight the natural skin aging process.

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Fashion : Clothes we Love from Clothing Loves

Whether you accept it or not, women just loves to look fashionable.  We so love clothes that we can’t help ourselves to check out the latest trends and what’s new.

The same thing goes with me,  whenever I see clothes and beautiful accessories, i could not help myself not to stare at it and wish that I can have one.  Before, I became a lipstick junkie, I often dream of wearing those beautiful Women’s Clothing that the model from the magazine are wearing.  Then, i will visualize myself wearing a beautiful Bridal Gowns.  Now, that i have grown up and had my own family, I still desire of having beautiful clothes that will fill our closet.

cotton love from is a shop that offers beautiful but affordable women’s clothing.  There collection is up to date and always goes by the trend of today. What makes them more interesting is their collection of different chic accessories that makes me smile while browsing them. This starfish shells exquisite pendant bracelet caught my attention;

starfish bracelet
The site offers a no minimum purchase and a worldwide shipping  and you can even get a 15% discount upon signing up.  That’s a great discount to begin with. So, what are you waiting for?  Tell me what pieces do you like best?  Visit Clothing Loves today and fall in love with their fashionable items.