Fabulously Red Fashion

Red defines warm, bold and powerful.  It is the color which extrovert people usually chooses.  Some will view it as love since it’s the color of blood ,  passionate and determined.  But on the negative side, many sees red as anger and destruction since the color is too powerful to ignore.

Red fashion has dominated the scene for many years.  Many Hollywood fashion icons has dressed in full red ensembles that showcase not just their beauty but there overall style and yes there are people that goes red from head to toe.

Red hair – flame haired vixen are so in this days but make sure that you would not over do it, deciding to get a red dye should also compliment your skin color.

Red lips –  the red lipsticks compliments every skin tone and many woman especially those who have full lips wear red lipstick to show a classic and sexy look.

Little Red Dress – never goes out of style, whether enjoying a  simple day or a night hang out with your friends,  this is a dress every woman closet must have.

Red bags – Red bags never goes out of style. Stunning and captivating, red bags are definitely a must have for every fashionista.

miu miu red hand bag via pursepage.com

Red Shoes  –  Red shoes defines beauty and style.  I have always wanted to have one and I’m thinking of buying for myself this Christmas.  Whether it’s stilettos , plumps or ballet, red shoes are definitely  sleek and sexy.

Alexander Mc Queen , sexy red shoes

 image via net