A Guide To Wearing A Men’s Pocket Watch Correctly

Image by Gordon Baird Photography via flickr

The men’s pocket watch has been a timeless accessory in the fashion world, and for the right occasion, the pocket watch adds a touch of class to the outfit. Such is their popularity these days that most jewellers will have a pocket watch selection, and for the gentleman who wishes to attire himself with attention to detail, the pocket watch is a great accessory. Most guys haven’t a clue how to wear such an accessory, and with that in mind, here is a guide to correctly wearing a pocket watch.

  • The T-Bar Chain – This is the traditional way to wear a gentleman’s pocket watch, and with the timepiece firmly attached to one end, the T-Bar hooks conveniently into a waistcoat or jacket button, and with a trouser fob pocket, the watch can be safely stored and is very easy to access. The classic Albert T-Bar chain is both stylish and functional, and if you really want to look the part, practice the art of skilfully accessing the timepiece before expertly flicking the cover closed and replacing the watch into the fob pocket. If you would like to browse a selection of antique pocket watches you can treasure forever, there are online jewellers who have a wide selection of quality timepieces at affordable prices. Albert T-Bar chains are doubled, and you can either have both in a single strand or open them to give more symmetry.

  • The Pocket Watch Bolt Ring – After the Albert T-Bar, using a bolt ring is the most popular method for gentlemen to ensure their pocket watch stays with them at all times. The ring is designed to be attached to a trouser belt loop but can also be used with a waistcoat or jacket buttonhole, should you desire. If you really do want to wear a pocket watch with a bolt ring, make sure the outfit is casual rather than formal, as the latter demands a traditional Albert T-Bar, and if you are at all unsure how the watch and chain should look, Google image the right keywords and you will have some fine examples to guide you.

  • Use Discreetly – While the pocket watch is very functional, when being worn as a fashion accessory, it isn’t the one thing to frequently open the timepiece, rather a discreet glance from time to time will suffice. For more detailed information on pocket watches and how to wear them, there is an informative article that includes images. The occasions when a pocket watch would be worn are infrequent, but anytime you are wearing a three-piece suit, the opportunity arises. The well-dressed gentleman would have his favourite pocket watch and a selection of chains, and this elegant accessory would be proudly worn whenever the occasion deems it suitable.

If you would like to view some classic pocket watches, there are online jewellers that have a wide selection of both antique and vintage timepieces, and once you have found the ideal watch and chain, you can add this to your fashionable wardrobe. Brass or silver is the ideal metal for the chain, and there are different clasps which allows you to select something you are comfortable with. One good idea is to practice opening and closing the watch, and after a while, it will become second nature.