Getting Creative with Blurbs

I remember the days when creativity still sparks my life,  I used to make different scrap books of my special days or events in my life.  The problem with those is it’s really time consuming and it can cost a lot because i need to buy different materials and accessories to create just one book.

Good thing there are Blurb books  that can be a great alternative to store all the beautiful and happy moments in our family life.  I’m also thinking of creating a summer book, a compilation of our travels and get together.

What’s good with it is, it’s easy to create one. You don’t even need to be very creative to have your photo book because there are lots of accessories and themes to choose.  All the  instructions are there and within the tip of your fingers, you can easily get a photo book that you have created.   Instagram books, cooking book, brochure, name it and they got it too.

blurb books

blurb books

What’s more convenient is that your facebook pictures can be converted into a photo book.  Learn more by visiting Blurb today because they are offering 25% off purchase from February 22-25 .