How Does Invisalign Fit into Every Lifestyle?

A first impression can lead to countless different things. Perhaps you’ll just meet a friend. Maybe it will open the doors to a new job. A smile can also be an instant connection to the love of your life. It’s easy for those with perfect smiles to wonder why anyone would hide that beautiful feature. But millions of people suffer in silence, hiding their smiles due to insecurity over dental imperfections. Gaps, malocclusions such as overbites, crooked or misaligned teeth, and overlapping teeth are common reasons for inquiring about straightening options. Many people avoid contacting a cosmetic dentist altogether out of fear that the only legitimate answer involves braces. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. In today’s modern world, Invisalign may be the solution you’ve been looking for. But what lifestyles can Invisalign really fit into?

invasalign braces

Invisalign Can Boost Your Career

According to Forbes, you have approximately seven seconds to make a first impression. If you’re avoiding smiling, or worse, hiding your teeth due to a lack of confidence, you could leave your appointment with more than a heavy pit in your stomach. A bad or even lukewarm first impression can lead to a job refusal, rejected promotion, or even an overall reputation as a difficult or inadequate employee. Why take that chance? Perhaps metal braces or time off for extensive cosmetic dentistry are out of the question, but discounting the transparent triumphs of wearing Invisalign can be one of the most expensive mistakes of your career.

Invisalign Can Make School Easier

Adolescence is not easy. One of the most common concerns surrounds wearing braces for several years. While most kids do it and it’s nothing unusual, it can lead to being bullied or singled out. Why add to your kids’ stress levels when there’s an easier solution? In many cases, especially when the malocclusion isn’t severe, Invisalign can be a reasonable alternative to metal appliances. The clear aligners of Invisalign are fitted to slide right over the teeth. Since they’re removable, many eating restrictions are waived. And best of all, social activity isn’t interrupted due to metal-free pictures and worry-free sports play.

Invisalign Is Great for Adults

While most people get their orthodontia needs taken care of in their youth, some wait until they’re able to do so on their own. Not every household in America has dental coverage, so sometimes waiting for an elective cosmetic dentistry procedure is a requirement. It’s not uncommon to see adults sporting metal braces nowadays, but most opt for less obvious solutions like Invisalign. The clear aligners fit into even the busiest schedule. They’re easily removed for eating, drinking, and cleaning. And they won’t stand out at PTA meetings or add to the reasons the kids suddenly avoid making eye contact with you in public. If you’ve had teens or remember your own teenage antics, you know how precious that bonus is.

Invisalign Can Improve Your Love Life

All the single ladies, put your hands up! Studies have proved that there are some harsh assumptions regarding appearance that can affect your dating life. Yes, this gets better. The good news is that the big stuff is easily corrected. A specific major study from Invisalign disclosed results that people with straight teeth are seen as being smarter, more successful, and more date-worthy. In fact, 40% of Americans admit they’d avoid actively dating someone who had crooked teeth.

As hard as it is to admit or accept sometimes, appearance plays a key factor in finding a partner. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with avoiding those people altogether, but doing so greatly limits your chances of finding a companion or love interest. Fortunately, Invisalign provides an easy and effective way to correct your oral issues while boosting your confidence. The clear aligners straighten your teeth while you continue to sift through the dating pool. By the time your corrections are completed, who knows… you might have stumbled upon the one. Why wait another minute? Call Manhattan cosmetic dentist , Dr. Michael J. Wei, today and see if Invisalign is an option for you.