Animal Print Fashion – One with the nature


Whether your going out to a small gathering with your family and friend or attending a night affair, a nature inspired fashion is always a major hit.  Nature colors can be great with just any skin tone since it easily blends within the personality of the wearer. I feel like i’m one with the nature just like this animal print fashion.

Animalistic  designs are definitely one of this year’s fave.  With prints from leopards, cats , lions and cheetah had been all over the net and showcases by many fashion designers and perhaps not just in fashion but in the music industry as well.

animal design dress, leopard print,

This is a very timely moment, whatever prints you decide to choose, make a colorful statement and be bold and proud to become one with the nature.

I have always been fascinated with animal design apparel and accessories but I’m always very vocal on the fact that animals should not be hunt down just for the sake of getting their skins to be created into different apparel.

That’s why, it’s just nice to have dress or accessories that depict a certain animal of knowing that their are not harm in anyway. For animal print fashion like this, Aupie would definitely give you a range of affordable and stylish apparel and accessories. Visit their site and find one today.

OOTD : Make the right choice with Choies

It’s been a while since I have shoot an outfit shot.  The weather is not good and the  rain keeps on pouring these days but I have to find a way to finally able to wear and have some pictures taken on my latest fashion finds.


Online shops are making waves this days. I think because of the fact that it’s very convenient to shop online and prices are very competitive and lots of designs to choice from.

choice 2

Looking at my picture, it seems I’m feeling patriotic today with all the red, blue and white, the only missing is the color yellow which I have been wearing for quite sometime.

But honestly, i love this galaxy shirt from Choies and the Tony moly lipstick clutch is the prettiest bag I have owned so far. You know how much I’m addicted to lipsticks and I just can’t help but to smile when i first saw it.


Audrey says, “Happy girls are the prettiest”.  I couldn’t agree more, who wouldn’t be happy when you have love in your heart and free shopping to enjoy with. I guess, everybody would be happy to receive something as pretty as this. (can you see my matching earrings and rings ? I so heart it. )

So, if you are looking for fashionable items without sacrificing your bank accounts, look no further because Choies would answer your desire to look pretty. Visit their website and follow their facebook page to learn the latest fashion deal.

Mart of China – Wholesale Fashion at its best

For a thrifty mom like me, I am always on the look out of affordable fashion that can fit my budget afterall, fashion doesn’t need to be expensive, it’s how you style them and wear it with pride.

Online shopping is getting the limelight this days,  it’s more convenient and you can even get a chance to grab big bargains and sale but of course, it’s always good to check out the company first before buying.  One leading online shops that offers affordable yet fashionable apparel, shoes and accessories is Mart of China, with their competitive wholesale prices and affordable shipping fees, you will definitely be hooked on browsing their site.

Here’s a sample look for you 🙂


This blue dress with peter pan collar is perfect for a day time or night out with your friends and the shoes is definitely something I would love to have in my closet.  The shimmering glitters makes me fall in love at first sight.


This second look is very feminine and really dainty.  This is perfect for office or a get together with friends and relatives. Paired it with the sweet pink shoes and your all dolled up.

And of course, your look will not be complete without a bag.  Here’s something I specifically picked for this look.  I think the design of the bag would definitely goes well with the two looks above and the best part, Mart of China is very generous to offer  one lovely reader for a  chance to own this bag.  (Yes, you can choose the color you love to match  your style.

This satchel bag is made of snake skin and big enough to put all your girly stuff while travelling or going out for a beautiful stroll in the park or even an evening affair.


Honestly, I so love it that I wish to have one for myself.  (Ooh, here I go again, talking about my love for bags)

Follow Mart of China today and experience affordable shopping at wholesale price.  You can like their facebook page too for the latest discount and sale.