The Benefits of Brazilian Keratin for your Hair

Long, straight, silky hair is very pleasing to the eye. It makes a person look light, carefree, neat and pleasant. Having long and silky hair also helps in promoting self-confidence in one’s self.

Keeping the hair straight is easy. There are already a lot of available treatments out there. But a healthy and glowing straight hair is quite hard to achieve unless you use safe and reliable air products for your tresses.

Thus, here is where the Brazilian Keratin hair treatments from NuNAAT comes in. It offers an effective and safer way in keeping your hair long, straight, glowing and healthy.


Brazilian Keratin hair treatments have already proven their effective in the hair industry. The new technique that comes with the product allows you to have the hair of your dreams, minus the negative effects like hair fall, breakage, dullness and split ends. Your hair is safe from damage with NuNaat Brazilian Keratin based hair products.

Keratin is a type of protein and is found naturally in the hair, skin and nails, it does not change the structure of the hair, thus leaving your hair to regain its natural look. The keratin protein in the NuNaat Brazilian Keratin hair product relaxes the hair without damaging it. It also helps in making it shiny and healthy. It is like placing eggs or mayonnaise into the hair 1000 times minus the hassles and the mess.


Thought Brazilian Keratin treatments are proven to be safe and effective, a professional hair dresser or stylist is still necessary when applying the product. Doing so will ensure that your hair is being treated completely and properly during the process. Hair professionals have a clear understanding on how much and how long the Brazilian Keratin product needs to be in your hair for the best and most efficient result. NuNaat hair treatments are by far the most effective and safest straightening treatment for your hair.

Bring back your hair’s glorious days with nuNAAT Silicon healthy restoration


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I have always have black, shiny straight hair until the time, i decided to take a new heights of re-inventing myself to a new look.  Coloring my hair, having it styled and coloring again with a different hair color.   I guess, that’s the same reason why the once black shiny hair becomes dull and plain and practically as they called it, boring and unattractive.

Yet, if I could do it all again, i would still accept that idea of coloring my hair and be different and more bolder.  I’m not even sixteen to look sweet and demure.  I am a working mother now and venturing to being a fashion blogger, you need to take some drastic changes as I called them.

But what i don’t like and hate with my new hair is the fact that it loses all those glory and shine.  That’s why when i have heard that one hair product can actually help woman brings their crowning glory back to it’s prime days, then i should get hold of it and try it for myself.


Benefits of nuNaat , NAAT Silicon Healthy Restoration includes ;

  • Naturally strengthens hair, with silk and Pearl Proteins, defying the effects of age and restoring lustrous shine
  • Naturally occurring lipids, known as Ceramides, smooth hair cuticles and retain proteins to fortify hair
  • Keratin makes hair stronger, increases nutrition, flexibility and shine
  • Great for damaged hair with split ends

Reading the benefits it can give impress me, the only thing left is to make the product to a test. I have heard such great reviews on them and I could not wait to share mine too.   It really does help hair to get back it’s shining brilliance and make it more softer than before.  Just like with every other products, regular use is very important to achieve what you desire.  Although, it leaves a very distinct smell, it must be the silk or the ingredients that comes on it.

Silk proteins help form a transparent, crystalline film that protects and seals hair cuticles. Best for dry, weak, brittle, damaged and chemically-treated hair as the silk proteins penetrate, revitalize and strengthen hair. Natural pearl proteins rejuvenate and fortify hair. Their rich moisturizing properties keep color-treated hair from fading. Pearl proteins work together to give hair enhanced elasticity, vibrancy and luster. Pearl proteins also help protect hair from harsh UV rays.

I guess, i have to wait for another period of time to finally see the full effect it can give but for now, i’m loving what I see and i am very hopeful and positive.  good bye frizzy, dull hair, welcome to sexy, bouncy and beautiful shiny hair.

You can check out their entire collection on their online site or at and in-store at Navarro Pharmacies, Beauty Supply stores and select Walmart stores. You can also join there facebook page for latest updates.