NOTD – The Face Shop Nail Polish Review


The Face Shop nail polish is so dainty, that the first time I saw them on their store, i know for once that this will be my next idea for a summer look nails. Here’s face up nail polish

If you love sweet light tone colors, this nail polish is especially for that girly side of you. A bottle cost around $2.50  or Php. 95.00, that’s indeed very affordable especially that it’s something you can use for several times.

It comes in a clear bottle with white cover and I was surprised that it has no name on the glass but it has a distinctive bottle far from other nail polish I had in my collection.  Anyway,  the polish is glossy so one or two coatings is needed to create  an effect like this.  It’s finer and not heavy so you can easily apply them.

the face shop, nail polish collection

The face shop nail polish

Although, if you use the nail polish for third time or fourth time around it becomes a little bit harder to apply because it becomes sticky but not as sticky enough.

Pros would be it’s affordable and has pretty colors but the only thing I disliked with this nail polish is that it can be sticky later on.  So, would I buy again.  Would certainly do. You know, i always had an eye for pretty colors.

What do you think?

Shines like a diamond with Sally Hansen

Diamonds are girl’s best friend.  That’s what I often heard and it’s glitters will stay forever. Diamonds are indeed a beauty beyond compare and I can’t deny that i so love seeing one but since I don’t have a diamond, i will just enjoy this lovely set I’ve got from Sally Hansen.

Sally Hansen had made it’s name for producing quality nail polish and over the years, they have given millions of women satisfaction of having beautiful nails, no wonder they are now the number one brand in nail polish.

They look so lovely that I’m still thinking of preserving them for special occasion.  Funny me but since I have some nail polish on my collection, i am really determined to keep this one for such a period of time after all they say that the average shelf time of a nail polish is up to two years or for me, as long as it’s not dried up.

Sally Hansen offers many fabulous nail polish but the Diamond strength no chip nail color interests me more since i always favor the one that glitters. It has 32 different shades and this four above is just one of them.

What interests me about this nail polish is the fact that it can last up to 10 days without  breaking, splitting and cracking.  I’m very glad to have a strong and long nails but this one could really help those people who easily experience breaking and cracking.

And if you love glitters and nails that shine, I would recommend that you try this nail polish since it was infused with real micro-diamonds & platinum it really glitters in your nails.  I can’t wait to receive the dress i bought online with a big diamond in front of it, this would really be a perfect combination.

You can find Sally Hansen nail polish in malls near you or you can check their online site and follow them on Facebook to learn more about them.

Pink Delight with Revlon Nails

Another nail polish in my collection, here’s Revlon Top Speed in Lava . I was busy for a while and totally forgot to immediately take a picture of my dashing nails. But I would not want to miss this opportunity to share this new find.

dainty in pink

dainty in pink

Revlon is known for their make-ups and I have always favored my Revlon Liquid foundation over other brands but now looking at my fabulous pink nails, Revlon Top Speed is definitely worth buying.

It dries fast, set in 60 seconds, the color are vibrant and you can choose from their 32 color collection. It has a built in top coat so no need to apply another and what’s great with it is it’s easy to apply.