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You know how much i love experimenting different colors on my nails and if you are also like me, there must be time that you experience yellowish color on your nail, this can be the result of prolonged usage of nail colors.

So, i set time to free my nails with color and remove the nail polish with one of my trusted brand, Hortaleza Professional nail polish remover.  It has no stingy smell unlike the other polish remover i have used.  it’s gentle to your nails and provides moisture which our nails needed most.  Afterwhich, i clean my nails with the use of this cuticle remover (also from Hortaleza)

Our cuticles need to be pushed once in while to maintain it’s glow but often pushing can also damage it. So, make sure to do this very lightly. Hortaleza offers many products.

For more nail care products, you can visit your nearest HBC store.

Disclosure :  I am not compensated nor given products for a review.  This post is based on my opinion and based on my actual experience using the product. 

Caronia Nails – Nail Art from below

Before December end, i would love to share this post that I should have shared before November starts but because I have been busy for a while , I was not able to do so but still i hope this could be an inspiration for you if you like something different and halloween look.

beautiful nails via Caronia

I so love the middle finger wherein, Mr. Frankie is the main attraction, so perfectly done.


Stylish in Red – San San Nail Polish Review

Stylish Red

I always love having my nails done with beautiful nail polish color.  It’s one part of my body that i so like the most. Well, for some obvious reason, because i can make them long and change the color of my nails on whatever my mood is.

Stylish in Red

 Although, I know how to clean and put some nail polish on my nails, i still prefer  someone doing it for me.  Because, it can make me relax for a while and even sleep for a minute.  Although, it is not advisable to have your nails polished on a weekly basis (because it can lose the nutrients and it can become yellow when polished often).

I’m not particular in nail polish, although I have some favorites, i love playing with different colors and nail arts for sometime. Now a day, i rarely use red in my nails because of my present work in the judiciary especially when i have a duty.  But red is one of my fave color because of it looks really regal, bold and stylish.

San San nail polish is just as beautiful to the nails, it’s easy to apply and the most important part is it’s very affordable. You can buy them on your nearest local HBC store.

 Disclaimer: This review is based on my opinion and did not intend to harm or promote any brand or company.