Quick make up guide for busy working moms

For working moms like me, I know how busy morning can be. From preparing the breakfast, to getting your kids dressed for school and  rushing out to beat the traffic on the road, so you can come to work on time. It was indeed a busy morning that sometimes, we don’t have the time to put on a make up but don’t forget that besides being a mother, your also a professional who needs to look presentable and charming.  Sometimes, busy working moms always reason out that their hands are all full and there are million things to do  that even putting a lipstick would be very impossible. Here’s a quick make up guide for moms out there.

But I came into realization that when I look better, I feel more better, even if it’s not a working day and you will only just stay at home taking care of the kids, it is always nice to look at the mirror with a fresh face than seeing yourself very worn out, tired and dull.

I know, I’m not a professional make up artist nor a stylist but this quick guide is based from my own experience .  This can help you look and feel beautiful in just few minutes of your time, barely 5 minutes on my part.

Be organized

To start with, make sure that you have your handy make up organizer to put your make up, so you can just get it out easily each morning.  On that bag, you can put the basic, like  an eyeliner, blush on, lipstick, mascara, pressed powder and for me, BB cream. It is also good to have the basic make up brush set, mine even though i have professional brushes, i enjoy using Avon’s brush set to help my  make-up time smooth and easy.

Refresh and Moisturize

avon anew vitale

Make sure that before you apply your make up, you have a clean face.  I have learned that using a moisturizer is very important.  Avon’s  Anew Vitale Day cream helps to energize your skin and formulated with Pro Energy Complex to help strengthen skin.  It has Spf 25 also to help you protected from the harmful sun rays.

Flawless complexion

While it’s good to put a foundation to achieve a flawless complexion, it can takes some time to apply them, that’s why I’m really thankful when  BB cream came out in the market.  It is definitely a must-have for busy moms; it fills the job of a luminizer, primer, moisturizer and sunscreen.  Avon’s skin goodness moisturizing BB cream has SPF 20 and it’s easy to apply,


helps disguise dark circles, blemishes and even out skin tone.

Glowing Eyes 

The eyes is the windows of the soul and it can also reveal if you had a rough night.  Even if your sleep deprived , a good eyebrows and a sheer, shimmery eyes can do the trick. Avon’s True colour eyeshadow quad in Purple Pop can be your day time to night time make-up.


You can use the light shade for day time and apply additional coat for an emergency night dinner with the family or friends.   I like Avon’s Super shock max mascara , it add dimensions and glow to my lazy eyes.  Just a few coats and it makes my exhausted eyes to an instant wow with 15 x more volume.

Sun Kissed Glow 

Give your pale face additional glow.  It doesn’t need to be always in red or pink, (although I love them on my face) this ideal Luminous Blush in Peach from Avon is simply lovely, use your blush brush on the apples of the cheeks for that youthful, natural glow

Perfect Pout

avon lips

I’m a confessed lipstick addict, i so love putting different shades of lipstick and I could  never leave the house without wearing one.  For busy moms, it’s good to use a lipstick that can last all day so you don’t need to reapply always.  Avon’s Ultra color lipstick gives a vibrant lip color that help your lips stay fresh and vibrant for hours with a nourishing formula and self renewing pigments.

It only takes minutes for you to have a fresh glowing pretty look that is not over done and perfect for working mom.