Look of the Day : Living a Greener Life

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ― Marilyn Monroe

green is for healthy living

My life is a mystery and my destiny is yet to be fulfilled.  I have been in to many struggles and face hardships  I could never define but one thing remain, I’m happy on what I am now and what I have and very thankful for all the learning i have gained.

The scars and wounds of  yesterday may have not fully healed but I have learned that true happiness does not seek you but you have to earn it, feel it and cherished it.

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I may be a very stubborn child but always with a helping heart.  Seeking the truth is a part of my attitude, the same reason why I found the missing part of my life.  I may be bold in some ways but I always had a deeper insecurities and inhibitions that I don’t share even with the one i truly trusted.

There are times, i may not say that “I love you”  and i hate the word “sorry” but i value true friendship and keeps my love in my heart forever.   I maybe snobbish at first sight but i will always have an ear to hear even the most craziest things.

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I dream of being an advocate of something worthy and in my own simple ways, i shared my thoughts and my services wholeheartedly.  My life is not mine alone, i have my kids and my husband to share it with.  I have my friends and you to keep me sane and make my life  more beautiful.

With all the birthday greetings, I thank you!  This post has been for days in my draft and i could not click the publish button because the emotions keep pouring down.  I’m happy and I am sharing them with you!

Top  –  Green Lapel Long Sleeve Back Lace Hollow Blouse –Sheinside

Earring –  Sheinside

Shoes – Solemate from SM Shoes and Handbags