Change your world with Fashionable Zipz shoes


Change yourself by changing your shoes.  Leader in innovative shoes design, the Zipz interchangeable shoes are definitely something worth having.  It satisfy every fashionista’s desires to have a stylish yet comfortable shoes that you can bring and wear anytime, anywhere.

Zipz shoes are not entirely new to me. The last review i had with them is the shoes i have given to hubby.  I thought it was really unique and was definitely interesting and because of that, I wish to have something for myself too.

zipz interchangeable shoes

 The first interchangeable shoes who wish to start a new shoevolution! It’s like owning a pair of shoes with a wide possibilities of changing your style each day by just removing the top design and change it to a entirely different Zipz Covers.  Just change the Zipz cover which can be mix and match to whatever mood you have.


Zipz shoes are available in Hi-Top, Lo-Top and slip on with different Zipz Covers to choose from. View their collection at ZipzCustom and you can even create your own design  or like them on facebook  and twitter to learn the latest updates.

Redesign your Fashion with Zips Shoes

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While going through my blogger friends sites,  I chanced upon this pretty changeable shoes,  I thought it’s very unique since I never heard something like that before.  So, i tried to pitch them and ask i can do a review of their shoes  Lucky me, oh yes!  Now,  i’m a proud owner of this interchangeable shoes. Ooh, correction , it’s for hubby thought, my early father’s gift for him.

True to what I have read from my friends, this shoes are really comfortable and  stylish, although we only receive a pair, we can still get a chance to change them with their other designs since it’s readily available at Zips Custom and Shoe Buy  and they are very affordable.  I’m thinking of buying another cover for myself since we share the same size.  LOL.

Zips shoes aims to give fashion a new meaning with their interchangeable design.  It’s easy to change to something new without going to any hassle.  So, if your looking for fashionable shoes that will fit your budget and style.  Visit zips shoes and make that change today! Follow them on Facebook as well as Twitter to learn the latest updates!

Now, here’s the best part.  Zips are very generous to offer one of my reader a chance to have one pair of their shoes, let me clarify that,  just a pair with no changeable tops, i don’t want to confuse you on that!  it might be the same shoes just like what I’ve got or you can choose on a design for women.

So, do come back to learn the giveaway mechanics.