Hortaleza Professional – Nail care

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You know how much i love experimenting different colors on my nails and if you are also like me, there must be time that you experience yellowish color on your nail, this can be the result of prolonged usage of nail colors.

So, i set time to free my nails with color and remove the nail polish with one of my trusted brand, Hortaleza Professional nail polish remover.  It has no stingy smell unlike the other polish remover i have used.  it’s gentle to your nails and provides moisture which our nails needed most.  Afterwhich, i clean my nails with the use of this cuticle remover (also from Hortaleza)

Our cuticles need to be pushed once in while to maintain it’s glow but often pushing can also damage it. So, make sure to do this very lightly. Hortaleza offers many products.

For more nail care products, you can visit your nearest HBC store.

Disclosure :  I am not compensated nor given products for a review.  This post is based on my opinion and based on my actual experience using the product.