Breast cancer and Methotrexate

Cancer represents a group of illnesses consisting of more than 1000 conditions. This sickness affects basic unit in the body: the cell. It appears when cells start functioning abnormally and start splitting without order or limit. New mass is formed which is called tumor and it can be either benign or malignant. Benning tumors are not a cancer and their cells do not spread to other body parts. They rarely pose any health hazard. On the other hand, malignant tumors are cancer. From primary tumor, cells can reach other body parts by traveling in blood or lymph. This spreading causes metastasis of primary tumor. When breast cancer reaches metastasis, cells can appear in lymph knots. So, this means that disease has spread to other parts of the body, bones, liver or lungs. This kind of tumor retains same type of malignant cells as the primary tumor.

Histogenetic breast cancer can appear from primary atypical epithelium hyperplasia and from regular ductolobular epithelium. More than half of breast cancers appear in upper outer quadrant and sprouts of hormonal tissue. In area around nipples, that is in central part of breast, 15 to 20 percent of cancers appear. In lower region of breast, it will appear in 5 to 10 percent of cases. Usually, cancer will affect only one breast. Have in mind that cancer is more common for left one (for about 10 %). It is very rare for cancer to appear on both breast and in the same spots (1 to 6 % of cases). Breast tumor grows very slowly. It can pass from 6 to 8 years until tumor reaches diameter of 1 cm or if until becomes noticeable. One of the best ways of treating it is to buy Methotrexate online.

fight breast cancer

Doctors are still not sure what causes cancer in some individuals. Specialists from claim that it is very hard to establish impact of environment and genetics in development of the disease. Some of the risk factors which certainly contribute to development of the disease are: family history of the disease (especially if your mother had breast cancer before 40), women who already had this condition, exposure to radiotherapy before 30, breasts which are built from many ducts and have less fat tissue, existence of atypical hyperplasia, age of first menstruation as well as age when menopause started, total length of reproductive period, number of pregnancy and age when you had first baby, women who had baby after 30, higher exposure to estrogen, sensitivity during menopause, lack of physical activity, use of alcohol.

Have in mind that cancer still remains one of the worst medical conditions you can get. With the development of pharmacology, we have certain solutions such as Methotrexate. This drug prevents growth of certain cells, especially cancer cells. Besides cancer, it can also be used for psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. People who are allergic to this drug, who have bone marrow disorder, those who are breast-feeding a baby, individuals with cirrhosis or some other liver issue as well as those with blood cell disorder, should avoid this medicine.

How to avoid injuries Working out

If you recently started or are thinking about starting a fitness program, it is wise to learn about the potential injuries that can occur and what steps you can take to easily avoid them. By taking a few preventative measures, you can safeguard your physical health.

Listen to your body

Most injuries happen because people fail to listen to their bodies. Generally, individuals who are  beginning their regime initially ramp up the intensity levels too quickly instead of building up slowly over time. This is less-than-ideal, as this increases the likelihood of pulling or ripping a muscle.  It’s wise to consult with a doctor prior to starting your routine so they can inform you of whether there are any parts of the body you should be gentler with. Furthemore, refer to a trainer to show you proper form. If an activity genuinely hurts, stop doing it immediately, as pain is nature’s way of telling you that you are harming yourself. If you have a previous injury or condition, let your doctor and your trainer know so they can adjust your training program and advise you on how to get the most out of your workout.

Proper Stretching

Focusing on flexibility and mobility is one of the best things you can do for your body. Having a regular stretching routine will allow your body to gradually increase its range of motion and decrease the risk of injury while working out. Stretching will also allow your body to adjust to your workout routine faster by increasing blood flow to the muscle and reducing lactic acid buildup; reducing the recovery time and your chances of suffering a workout injury.

Stretching after your workout is equally important; by allowing yourself 5-10 minutes of stretching after a workout you’ll be reducing the effects of DOMS (Delayed on-set muscle soreness) and your body will benefit from both psychological and physiological effects.

Wear the Correct Type of Shoe

Not all fitness shoes are created equal; our gym classes back in high school led us to believe that we can just wear a basic fitness shoe for most physical activities. Truth is, shoe technology has greatly changed the way we perform and recover. At the very least you should have a good pair of running shoes that has been specially picked for you. Most athletic footwear stores will gladly analyze your stride, arch and foot dimensions and recommend a shoe that will allow you to avoid injuries by adapting to your specific workout habits. If you suffer from under-or-over pronation, make sure you wear corrective footwear or specialized orthotic inserts in order to prevent common conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Familiarize Yourself with the Equipment

A new piece of workout machinery can be fairly intimidating, as can asking for help. Don’t make assumptions about how the equipment works, as this is one of the most common ways injuries occur in gyms. Make sure to look for instructions posted on the machine and, if there is any ambiguity, don’t hesitate to ask a staff member for further elaboration. By following these simple steps you can prevent both short and long term injuries while also getting the  most of your workout. Provide your own personal tips in the comment section below.

Getting yourself ready for sports- importance of blood pressure check-up

Whatever sports you would wish to start, it is very imperative to check your health whether you can do that certain sport or activity you wanted.  It’s a given fact that one must be healthy and well before doing strenuous activities importantly if it is involved using your whole body parts.

the importance of blood pressure check up

That’s why checking your blood pressure is important before attending any sports or fitness program.  Monitoring is indeed one of the important part a sports enthusiasts should do to avoid much more bigger problems.

Now, that your blood pressure is checked and everything turns out all right, you can also visibly see on future results that your blood pressure would improve because of that certain sports/activities that you are doing.  Getting fit does not help you lose weight or look more beautiful it can also give you a better health conditions which we all need at this time.

Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

cetaphil daily advance ultra hydrating lotion

Equipped with ERC5 (epidermal replenishing complex) unique combination of five ingredients to help maintain healthy skin.  Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating lotion is specifically created for those people who had dry to very dry skin.

The non-greasy, fragrance free and non-comodogenic lotion is best suit for people like me who suffers flaking and skin dryness.  I don’t need to worry about blocking my pores or harsh ingredients.  When use liberally all day, you can feel the softness and smoothness it brings.

skin without cetaphil ultra hydrating lotion (pardon for my big hands)

As we grow older, our once smooth skin can become dry because of different factors that we encountered each day.  That’s why we need the help of lotions to bring the softness our skin lost.  Although, the smoothness could not be achieved over night with the frequent use of Cetaphil Ultra Hydrating Lotion, i know and believe that my skin will be back to it’s glorious time.

Skin with cetaphil ultra hydrating lotion

Now, you can see the shiny effect it gives on my hand.  It’s shiny and not greasy and the fact that it is more smooth, now my husband would probably hold my hand more.

Stylish in Red – San San Nail Polish Review

Stylish Red

I always love having my nails done with beautiful nail polish color.  It’s one part of my body that i so like the most. Well, for some obvious reason, because i can make them long and change the color of my nails on whatever my mood is.

Stylish in Red

 Although, I know how to clean and put some nail polish on my nails, i still prefer  someone doing it for me.  Because, it can make me relax for a while and even sleep for a minute.  Although, it is not advisable to have your nails polished on a weekly basis (because it can lose the nutrients and it can become yellow when polished often).

I’m not particular in nail polish, although I have some favorites, i love playing with different colors and nail arts for sometime. Now a day, i rarely use red in my nails because of my present work in the judiciary especially when i have a duty.  But red is one of my fave color because of it looks really regal, bold and stylish.

San San nail polish is just as beautiful to the nails, it’s easy to apply and the most important part is it’s very affordable. You can buy them on your nearest local HBC store.

 Disclaimer: This review is based on my opinion and did not intend to harm or promote any brand or company.

Talking in your Sleep- Causes and Treatment

Somniloquy or simply talking in your sleep is a sleeping disorder that is most common on 3 to 10 years old children but there are some adults that also experience this.  Studies show that there is no harm done to the people who sleep while they are asleep but it can be very annoying for those who sleep beside you and can also be a subject of ridicule and embarrassing when you are sleeping with other people.

Generally, someone who sleep talk is not aware of what she was talking.  I have experienced sleep walking and talking in my childhood days and based from experience, I never had the slightest idea what I have done or talked about when I wake up the following morning. Sleep talking can range from small mutterings to long winded conversations.  Others says that you can even create a conversation with someone who is experiencing sleep talking. Studies shows that girls are more prone to sleep talk rather than boys. (I never known any boys that sleep talk)

sleep talking is common to children

Most sleep talking is calm and monotone. Though it is rare, some sleep talkers have been known to yell out and frighten those around them. Sleep talking is a part of the sleeping disorder parasomnia. This is caused by non-restful or unfulfilled sleep stages.  Those who suffers parasomnia often display activities in their sleep such as sleepwalking, sleep talking, teeth grinding, and night terrors. Some also experience body jerking and thrash about in their sleep. The person is usually unable to fall fully asleep that could cause drowsiness.  As for me, i have experienced all of them and I guess some of you possibly know the old saying that it’s bad when your teeth grinding and the elders will even slap you with sleepers when you have done that.  ( I have been slapped for several times but honestly, I don’t remember feeling anything or knowing it.  Funny, but’s its the reality)

Possible Causes of Sleep Talking:

Sleep talking is thought to run in families, but there are some other factors which may affect a person’s sleep patterns. These can include:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety disorders or other psychiatric disorders
  • Stress
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Fever

Solutions or Treatments:

There is no known procedure to reduce sleep talking but avoiding stress and knowing the reasons that might have been the source of the problem can help you.  Avoiding drinking a lot of coffee or other caffeinated beverages before going to bed can also help.  Getting plenty of sleep can also help in some way because by doing so, you are secure that you are getting enough rest which your body needs.

Sleep talking rarely requires treatment. However, severe sleep talking may be the result of another more serious sleep disorder or medical condition, which can be treated. When you think that sleep talking is getting serious you can always talk to a physician or doctor about possible treatment.

Other Sources:

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai gain criticism on not losing weight.

No doubt, Aishwarya Rai is considered as one of the most beautiful faces in Bollywood.  Before she became a successful film actress, she works as a model and eventually won the title of Ms. World in 1994.  She was married to fellow actor Abhishek Bachchan and she just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl  last November, 2011.  Having considered as an icon in the Indian movies and television, many criticized and  was dismayed on her post-baby weight. Her picture drew debates on how an actress especially an icon should shed their extra pound after giving birth.

Aishwarya Rai - before

Giving birth to two children, i know the feeling of dismayed and frustration on not getting back to your old figure especially if the length of time to do so has already long elapsed.  Study shows and even doctors says that there is a recuperation period of atleast three (3) months to go back to your ordinary routine (that’s include shedding off your extra fats , pregnancy fats) but given the fact that your a superstar, the extra pressure was always there.  (Ooh, just imagine Beyonce , flaunting her beautiful body barely at two months of giving birth)

During pregnancy, it is very natural for a mother to gain weight (after all you and your baby needs that weight) considering some factors that affects your pregnancy.

Aishwarya Rai after giving birth (image via web)

Although, Aishwarya Rai comment on the supposed criticism that she is still enjoying her motherhood , she also said that she has a duty to her follower (fans) to be back on her pre-pregnancy weight and body.  For many, losing weight after pregnancy is a very easy task but  just because you haven’t lose your extra weight after a year means your less beautiful.  (i’m not depending myself here) but I believe the true beauty is the fact that your a mother now and motherhood is not just all about your body.

Rai in Cannes 2012 (image via web)

Here’s the recent picture of Rai on the Cannes where she attended the AmfAR Cinema Against Aids gala alongside Hollywood favorites, Janet Jackson, Alec Baldwin,  Kylie Minogue, Gerard Butler and Kim Kardashian.

Rai  poses a more slimmer than her previous post baby picture.  (this is just to show that she seriously take the idea of getting back to her beautiful body because of crowd pressure and I guess the fact that many look up at  and idolized her.  Although, she still looks a little heavier, her face is definitely more thinner.

Best Beauty Bargain under $10

Being beautiful does not need to have a big amount of money.  All you need to do is to have some creativity and confidence to yourself.  It’s very hard to cope up with the demands of life today and for some being beautiful with the use of cosmetic can cost a lot .

But did you know that you can find beauty products that are less than $10 that can help you enhance your beauty and help you to be a better person inside and outside.

There are many online sites that you can find best beauty bargain under $10 , it doesn’t need to be branded , you just need to look if it’s safe for you before you use it.

But of course, it would be an added value if those products are one of our well loved brands, here are the samples of beauty for less than $10 which you can choose from ;


My Glam’s facial mask

Glam up your look with make up and peel off mask for less than $10.  It doesn’t mean that because you bought the product for a cheap price, the products itself is cheap.  You got it all wrong.  There are many deals that you can find that you would be proud of yourself for choosing the right one.

 Maybelline is one of my favorite brand and did you know that their product is very affordable and they offer a wide array of different beauty products for less but the quality is not compromised.  When buying online, make sure that you get the chance to check the products before buying it.