Baroni Design – Hand made jewelry at its finest

When i see  beautiful pieces of jewelry and accessories, I can’t help myself  not to stare for a while and admire them.  For such a time,i have created my own hand made beaded jewelry and even made some for my friends and my daughter.

I particularly love pearls and beaded accessories because they give a woman a special feeling of beauty and that’s what Baroni Design collection can give you.

Browsing through their site, you can find different  hand made jewelry ideas that are very unique with intricate designs I haven’t see from any other jewelry shops.  It looks like some of their pieces are created to celebrate beauty and fondness of life.  These jewelries are created with such passion and was uniquely made by a skilled artisan working with focus and desire to bring such beautiful designs putting their heart and soul on each pieces.

Afterall, jewelry made by hand can give you a personalized feeling.  Baroni Designs offers a wide collection of hand made silver and gemstone jewelry. It is a perfect gift for someone you love or even for your own collection.  You can choose from their 20 available collections or you can even order for a customized design complete with custom packaging.

One of their collection that i truly adore is their Emerald Forest Collection.

emerald forest by baroni designs

Emerald Green is the color of the year and aside from it, green is one of my favorite color because it signifies Mother Earth and you know how much I advocate green living.

Green celebrates life, mystery and renewal. It is calm or vibrant .  This collection brings freshness and variety for every owner.  Named from their very own  Humboldt County, Emerald green collection features natural rutilated quartz, chrysoprase and turquoise hung from an array of chains.

Coastal Grove Necklace

Coastal Grove Necklace – $160.00

Vibrant green Chrysoprase and clear blue turquoise are reminiscent of river and sea.  Comes in Sterling silver.  You can wear the strand in one piece or put together to create a more perfect appeal.

Trinidad Bracelet Set

Trinidad Bracelet Set – $146.00

Strands of rutilated quartz and Chinese turquoise, colors of sand and sea, are combined in a striking seven strand stretch bracelet set. Sterling silver .

Maidenhair Fern Ring

Maidenhair Fern Ring – $50.00

A faceted apple green Chrysoprase, known as a protector of negative energy, is the focus of this stunning and simple ring. Sterling silver. A perfect pair for your green ensemble.

Perfect for a day time use and even for night time affair with your friends and family.  This pieces will surely stand out and will be a center of attraction among your female friends.  Ooh, i can’t wait to get hold of my very own coastal grove necklace.  I’ll let you know on another post about it.

And the best part of this is you get the chance to order them right from the comfort of your own home.  You get to own valuable pieces of jewelry saving both your time and money.



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