Bring back your hair’s glorious days with nuNAAT Silicon healthy restoration


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I have always have black, shiny straight hair until the time, i decided to take a new heights of re-inventing myself to a new look.  Coloring my hair, having it styled and coloring again with a different hair color.   I guess, that’s the same reason why the once black shiny hair becomes dull and plain and practically as they called it, boring and unattractive.

Yet, if I could do it all again, i would still accept that idea of coloring my hair and be different and more bolder.  I’m not even sixteen to look sweet and demure.  I am a working mother now and venturing to being a fashion blogger, you need to take some drastic changes as I called them.

But what i don’t like and hate with my new hair is the fact that it loses all those glory and shine.  That’s why when i have heard that one hair product can actually help woman brings their crowning glory back to it’s prime days, then i should get hold of it and try it for myself.


Benefits of nuNaat , NAAT Silicon Healthy Restoration includes ;

  • Naturally strengthens hair, with silk and Pearl Proteins, defying the effects of age and restoring lustrous shine
  • Naturally occurring lipids, known as Ceramides, smooth hair cuticles and retain proteins to fortify hair
  • Keratin makes hair stronger, increases nutrition, flexibility and shine
  • Great for damaged hair with split ends

Reading the benefits it can give impress me, the only thing left is to make the product to a test. I have heard such great reviews on them and I could not wait to share mine too.   It really does help hair to get back it’s shining brilliance and make it more softer than before.  Just like with every other products, regular use is very important to achieve what you desire.  Although, it leaves a very distinct smell, it must be the silk or the ingredients that comes on it.

Silk proteins help form a transparent, crystalline film that protects and seals hair cuticles. Best for dry, weak, brittle, damaged and chemically-treated hair as the silk proteins penetrate, revitalize and strengthen hair. Natural pearl proteins rejuvenate and fortify hair. Their rich moisturizing properties keep color-treated hair from fading. Pearl proteins work together to give hair enhanced elasticity, vibrancy and luster. Pearl proteins also help protect hair from harsh UV rays.

I guess, i have to wait for another period of time to finally see the full effect it can give but for now, i’m loving what I see and i am very hopeful and positive.  good bye frizzy, dull hair, welcome to sexy, bouncy and beautiful shiny hair.

You can check out their entire collection on their online site or at and in-store at Navarro Pharmacies, Beauty Supply stores and select Walmart stores. You can also join there facebook page for latest updates.

Feel great with Bangstyle

They say that our hair is our crown and glory.  When i’m a little younger my hair is always the center of attraction and envy of my friends because it’s shiny and smooth but as years goes by and I have tried different products, treatments and hair colors, the ever smooth hair is now frizzy and damaged.

There is a time that I got totally frustrated and have it cut very short and because i cannot find the right hair product for me, i just let them be instead of worrying and making myself crazy over it.

 bang style hair fashion

And then i got a chance to try Bangstyle, the packaging itself is different from the other hair products i have seen before.  After all it’s like a work of art inspired by artist tools. And one think i like about this product is it’s color safe,  free of parabens, sulfates and sodium chloride which means my hair color will not fade easily unlike my recent shampoo.

This smoothing shampoo and conditioner can really give your frizzy, curly hair to it’s original state which is smooth and silky. The smell is awesome too, although it’s kind of thick which is also far different from the other hair products i tried, it leaves your hair smelling great and creates natural bounce which my hair needed.

Every use can make you feel like your fresh from the salon, after all leading salons trusted this brand for their clients. Now i knew there secret.

The lotion is a different story, I couldn’t comprehend the smell because it’s really different and ooh so sweet and very soothing. It’s really soft to touch and  can give you a relaxing feeling.

Want to learn how you can also achieve smooth unfrizzy hair without going to the salon?  Visit Bangstyle now and join their community of artists .  View this video and check out this fun hair inspo mobile app.

Fashion – Edgy chic glam

I remember my high school days wherein vests, leather jackets, tight pants and boots are the hottest and today those same rock and edgy fashion is coming back with vengeance leaving a deeper and more meaningful meaning for those rock princesses out there and the look is definitely more fierce and extremely sexy.

Spikes  and studs can be seen everywhere, from bags, dresses,pants,  shoes, accessories even with intimate apparels.  Edgy rock is definitely getting the good vibes making more people to try this look.  All over the net, you can get many inspirations and different pieces of clothes and accessories to complete your entire edgy chic glam.  You don’t need to over do it by wearing them from head to toe,  you can match them with simple pieces like silver to make the look sweeter.

edgy look,rock  princess, rock glam

Asymmetric Double-layer Look Biker Jacket from – $ 111

You bet, i wish, I’m 16 again so i can wear those jacket , tight pants and ride on a bikers back strolling the city or watched the concert of Wolfgang but I guess I don’t need to be young again to try this look,  I will always be forever a romantic rock star in my heart and wearing this pieces not just bring good times but makes me feel young again after all it’s all brings back with the right attitude as they say.


Create an edgy look even with simple pieces from your wardrobe.  Corset is definitely in this days, black or black and white is the color i usually see in many fashion trendsetter. Shorts and black leather skirts are those who create  good ensemble but pants still works matched them with studs or spikes shoes or just a sexy black pumps and definitely the one sitting beside you would definitely look back.  For shoes that rock, you can check out Caleigh Madison fabulous collection of boots and wedges that definitely fit for a glam look you have always wanted, not to forget achieving that sexy look.

accessories, studs, silver, sm accessories, romwe

Silver bracelet – SM Accessories $10 / Sex Leopard Bracelet – $ 13.99 /Black & Silver Earrings – $11 / FNM Studded Headband $ 2 – / Vero Moda Black and White Corset tops – $ 20

Complete your look with the Asymmetric Double layer look biker jacket from , the irregular hem line gives a rock and chic feeling.  The material is very light that is completely comfortable making it suitable use not just when your riding a motorcycle but a great piece to include on your look when your going to a night hang out with friends or love one. The design hides my full body especially the excess fats I have been wanting to shed, hopefully next time, I can able to show my sexy side without hiding my front.

caleigh madison, pumps,

Caleigh Madison Pumps – $65

(Tops – Black and White Vero Moda, Denim pants – Caterpillar,  Bikers Jacket – , Pumps – Caleigh Madison , Headband – FNM , Silver and black earrings, silver bangles – SM Accessories, Sexy Bracelet – , see separate post, )

2012 Stylish Hairstyles

Hair is the crown and glory of every woman that is choosing the best hair trends for one is sometimes a little bit tricky.  This 2012, let us take a peak of some of the newest trend in hair styles for a perfect blend to our fashion style.

homemade curls

Homemade curls 

Curls are making a comeback and homemade curls from your curling iron is a sure hit for day and night time event.  If you have a long straight hair, you can easily create a variation of your hair styles with just a twist of your curling iron.

Natalie Portman in french twist hairstyle

French twist hairstyle

Who says, french twist is over.  Just look at those gorgeous hollywood actresses who wears their french twist hair with glamour and passion. This hairstyle is not totally a vintage look, it’s sleek and sexy and totally fashionable.  It’s not just for prom or for wedding look, walk in a day time party with this glamorous hairstyle.

under loop hairstyle

Looped under ponytail

Create a chic looped under ponytail , this hairstyle creates a casual look appropriate for work and school and perfectly blend for a beautiful fashion statement. Clean, neat and easy to do. ]

Amanda on big side pinned waves

Side pinned waves

A dynamic diversion of beauty and fashion, this side pinned waves highlights your face and create an illusion and girlish charm. Long hair is surely a hit for every season , with this fashion look , you can put some barrette on the side of your hair.