Fitness Diary : Empower your life with Empower Fitness

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Our mind is very powerful,  what you put on it will be the thing you would surely do.  If you have set up your mind on a journey of getting fit,  this should be your priority and not just a state of mind that will immediately slip when things does not happened according to your wishes.

You know how much I have been meaning to lose weight and get rid of this extra fats around my body and yes, it’s not as easy as I think it was.  It gives me some pressure and solid thoughts too.

And when you think, you can finally able to pull this trough, you really needed the right fitness gears to accompany you on this fitness journey.  That’s where Empower Fitness came to view , just take note of their motto,  Be active, Be healthy, Be strong.   It’s a tough word but very inspiring and for those who needed inspiration,  Empower can fave the right way for you to do this.

They have different fitness gear to help  lose weight and keep the body, mind and spirit for woman who are seeking real-life solutions that incorporate fitness,workout routinesnutrition, and wellness for them to live a full life like we have always wanted to achieve and be the best we can be.

Designed exclusively for women by women, Empower offers fitness products; world-renowned trainers; nutritional expertise; and online communities to help reach our goals.

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The  portable pilates studio with long & lean workout dvd works very hand for me.  This is great for working moms like me who has less time to go to the gym to work out.

It can sculpt, tone, and strengthen your body in minimum time! The affordable Empower Pilates training system also provides an amazing total body toning workout while targeting your abs with every move you make.  You can lose pounds and inches while achieving that long and lean look!

Seems very easy but it takes a lot of work to achieve your goal.  But if I religiously do this every day, i would definitely;

  • Burn Calories
  • Lose Weight
  • Lose Inches

and feel healthy inside and out.  So, i will definitely let you know my progress in the weeks ahead.

So, what are you waiting for,  visit Empower Fitness today to learn more about their different fitness gear to help you to become not just fit but also healthy and lovely.

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Barefoot Yoga – A story of passion


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What is your passion?

Sometimes, we have a lot of things going on in our life that we lost track of our real passion.  There are days that we are so tired that our energy becomes too low.

Yoga is not just a way to reduce and relieve stress, it is also a way to get fit and achieve a healthy state of mind and body.

When you finally found the passion in your heart, you can start doing yoga and maximizes the flow of life-force harmonizing with your body movements and when you knew your ready, your breathing and body movements will finally unite helping you achieve a rejuvenating feeling of oneness and harmony.

Just like in any activities, you need materials and accessories to help you through this process, Barefoot Yoga is your source for quality products to inspire you to practice the art of yoga.

Dimensions: 24″ x 68″ x 0.15″ (4.0 mm)

The first thing you need is a yoga mat,  this Barefoot Yoga Hybrid Nature Sticky Mat  with mat strap, combine the best of eco-friendly and traditional mats. Good for our  environment and our health rather than the  traditional PVC mats because it provides a long lasting performance. The mesh scrim (the “skeleton” of the mat) is made from 100% recycled polyester, which contributes to its longevity and strength.

I have always favored eco-friendly products and i believe that starting a good routine especially the art of yoga is good when you have the right products to accompany you along the way. I’m doing this bit by bit , softly, smoothly until I can able to do the things others can and hopefully with practice and perseverance I can pull this through.

Learn more about Barefoot Yoga, Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Take your passion today and make it work. Namaste !  And watch out because Barefoot yoga is very generous to provide one of my lovely readers a chance to have their own yoga mat.

Fitness Diary: Getting Fit for a healthier you

When I look at the mirror and see how big I become after giving birth to two kids, I told myself that this is the time that I needed to organize myself and take control of my weight.

Losing weight is not as easy as it seems, you need to commit to be able to achieve the goals you have.  You also need a burning desire in your heart to begin a journey of getting fit.

Some maybe born to be petite and other’s becomes overweight because of excessive eating.  That’s the problem with me, since I worked in the judiciary, i couldn’t help not to eat for two reason.  I crave for food when i see them and it becomes a ritual in the office to eat and enjoy a good conversation in what we called the “long table”.

Some may view that getting fit is easy with the right diet and exercise. But it’s not also good to starve your self by not eating because you just wanted to fit on your size 24 denim.

Getting fit should kick off with the right regime. That means, choosing the right food and sticking to your goal.


You also need to educate your self with the right foods since there would be a drastic change in your eating habits. Beginning a diet means changing the food we usually eat and choosing something with less calories but full of essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs.  Eat the right foods, it’s okay to read the labels and because you want to get fitter, you need to make healthy and wise choices.

There are days that your stomach and your mind would say you wanted to eat something and yes there are times that I really could not suppress my urge to eat and i have to tell myself that I have a goal and indulging too much is not a part of that goal.

Think little and often,  I read this advice from fitness tips which means, getting those body to work out even at least for some period of time in a day or days in a week, like 30 minutes a day rather than doing it once in a week or once every other week and the worst part, forgetting them at all.

Get the right gear, if in your exercise routine includes running or brisk walking or going to the gym or starting a new sport, it is always necessary to get the right gear which means, getting comfortable shoes  and clothes or sports apparel. If your planning to go and try zumba, pilates, yoga or some sports activities, there are certain products that you needed to buy.

But it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your family budget just to buy this, there are ways that doesn’t need your money instead it needs your effort and moving your body.

getting fit

Focus,  just like in any activity or project, getting fit needs your time and focus.  If you are focus with your goals, you will see in no time that you can  achieve them.  Now, if you are already there, don’t just stop because you got what you wished for.  Remember that it is easier to get fat rather than to trim down and we don’t want to repeat  the hard process all over again.

journey (1)

Here’s an old photograph of me from 3 years to last year and since last January when i decided to take this challenge, i lose almost 2 1/2 kilos from 53 kilos (january weight) to my very recent 50.5 kilos which i think is a good considerable amount.  Although there are still a lot to work out to do, my arms, my legs and my tummy needs extra work and i know with my 3P’s (my motif to myself , Patience, Perseverance and Proper diet) i can’t wait to see a more improved result.

Top : Tasc performance  (eco-friendly material)

Bottom : Sassa capri

Shoes : Fila