What’s in your Shopping List?

Going to the grocery store?  Do you make a list of what you should buy?  If your the one who just go to the grocery and buy the things you saw then probably you are spending much and not within your budget.

Before, i used to be one, i just went to the grocery store, pick the things i thought we needed for the house and i end up buying the things that are not really needed and i forgot the one which is really needed.  So now, i make a list on a small piece of paper of all the things i needed to buy.

Number one in  my list is the foods we need to prepare for the week. Vegetables, meats, baby foods and healthy foods to eat.

And then the things that are needed for the laundry, soap, personal necessities that we can’t live without like shampoo,soap, toothpaste. Sometimes, we buy some things that we less needed like the things my daughter would love too but i always make it sure that it would not go far from the budget which we have set for that time, after all there are some things that needed to be paid and bought.

And did i forgot to mention that i always love buying things with free items or discounted perhaps but make sure you only buy what you needed or else you will end up buying and keeping them in the closet.

So, what do you have in your list?