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For some, fashion comes naturally and because they have lived their life in a fashionable way.  If you want to be fashionable, you need to know the basic steps or ways to be one.  Because of the complexity of the world fashion, anything that are popular and well known to many becomes a fashion statement.

Everybody has their own fashion taste, whether it’s natural, chic, rock or vintage, what you think fits you and best describe you become your own statement and uniquely yours. This statement will also makes you stand out in the corporate world. Zalora offers a wide selection of corporate attire for men and women on the go that can help you stand out from your colleague.

This statement is also true when choosing your shoes. For someone who loves shoes, i categorize them from simple to totally hot shoes.  There are many types of shoes, some can be sweet and some are very rebellious with their image,  it’s okay to find something that makes you compatible but make sure that it will not be too bold otherwise you will be ruining your good reputation and can make a wrong statement as well.

Our fashion and the way we look can be a basis or show what our attitude and who we really are but for some, since how we dress affect our whole being and the image we are sending out to others. Starts on finding a nice pair of shoes that is not just comfortable but also stylish and speaks the image you are trying to give.

It’s not bad to be wild and out from our usual way but we still have to consider many factors when we do something extra ordinary from our usual image.

Black Friday Deals and Black Friday Giveaway from

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Coupons. com. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic . #blackfridaydeals #BlackFridayGiveaway

Each year, I think the most awaited event is Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, it is because of the fact that it was really a great chance to grab the lowest price and best deals in stores and online shop.  I know some friends who even save for few months so they can spend them all during their thanksgiving shopping.

I love shopping but i dreaded the sites of too many shoppers. It always makes me feel dizzy and sometimes suffocate me.  The worst part is I might throw up, that’s why I always don’t go to busy places with lots of people. I always prefer shopping online and taking the advantages of Black Friday online sale since the collections are also endless and i get to save from fuel and effort of going through long lines but the best part is I can celebrate thanksgiving with my family since I believe that thanksgiving should really be giving thanks for the things you have.


Last year, i was able to grab some pretty fashionable things for me and my kids. Dress, Keds for half a price, pretty hand bag for 30% off and lots of chocolates for a very reasonable and awesome prices but the best purchase I have ever made last Black Friday is this beautiful white Timex women classics with swarovski crystal and leather strap watch. The original price is $54.95 but i got mine for only $19.99 that’s more than 70%.

Talking about value for money and fashion forward purchase, you should also check out Black Friday Giveaway. By joining, you get the chance on the daily instant prizes just by spinning the wheel.  I tried it but it seems I’m not lucky today but the be1st part is I’m still eligible to win the $10,000 Grand prize.  That’s a lot of money and you will definitely have a grand shopping spree.

I definitely love giveaway, i hope I can be lucky next time.  Going back to Black Friday deals , the Black Friday articles on The Good Stuff  is a must read to find deals, it’s a great  resources  for everything you need to know about Black Friday shopping and of course finding the best fashion deals for every fashionista. I read about the black friday sweepstakes and some tips to help me survive the Black Friday shopping.  I love coupons, any frugal mom like me would always love to have an extra discount because once it’s accumulated will be a lot of savings.

 photo Black-Friday-Shopping-Infographic_zpsd9ab7faf.jpg

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands and eyes ready. Check out the best deals for this coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday as early as now, so you know what to purchase and you save time browsing. As of today, i already have some few in my cart, so when the time comes, all I need to do is to click that purchase button. Remember to enter the black friday giveaway, you can check daily through December 7.

Coco Fashion – The Best of Asian Fashion

Kpop has triumphantly dominates the world in 2012 because of Psy’s Gangnam style and another thing that Asians are now making a huge sensation is the fashion clothing that makes us more uniquely beautiful.

From the high fashion thing to street fashion,  Korean, Japanese and Hongkong styles are making waves. I could not help myself to be mesmerized with the high end fashion dresses and attires wear by my favorite korean drama actresses because those cute dresses is just something you would wish to have.

Coco fashion, asian fashion, korean trends, korean fashion,

coco fashion

Luckily there are shops that offers and dedicated with Asian fashion, Coco Fashion offers a wide arrays of different dresses, shirts, blouses, shoes , accessories and many more that every girl would wish to own.   Ooh, i am really looking forward to have my very own Coco Fashion items.

Offering different korean, japanese and asian fashion, Coco fashion offers affordable products that you would not want to miss.  So, if you want to look your best today,  why not visit them now and browse on their pages and tell me what you think.

coco fashion

coco fashion retro vintage bag

I would really love to have this one 🙂

A beautiful nymph

a beautiful nymph

image source marian’s facebook page

 Marian Rivera is one of the few actresses in Philippine television that I so admire.  It’s not just her beautiful body but her adorable face (well she is half filipina and a half spanish, so there is already a certain mixture) but what i truly like her is that she shows what she is.  She has no pretension, she would eventually laugh loud if she like too.  I can see her moves, her eyes while giving a dissenting look if she doesn’t like the issue and she would eventually talked what’s on her mind.

I know a lot of people in my group who doesn’t like her because she’s loud and sometimes she was said to be exchanging words with girls who was linked with his boyfriend but I guess she’s just being human and we all have the right to speak on what we believe is the right thing to do.

For me, she was a nymph rebirth to be in a human form.  She’s adorable and beautiful and too sexy to ignore.

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