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Who doesn’t love shoes?  I bet every girls would definitely have their own faves and yes, we all love dainty shoes whether on going to a hectic day or just a pretty sit together with family and friends.

Style and comfort, that’s what Hotter shoes stands out and true to it’s promise, each shoes gives you a comfortable feeling that your feet would surely love. I hate that feeling that after a long day of working out or walking around, my feet aches too much that even walking another step would be so much painful.

hotter shoes

With more than  100 styles to choose from,  you will surely find what your looking for.  All their shoes are manufactured and made from england and their brand is now dominating all over UK.  Now, it’s time to embark into a new journey of giving the right fit to american consumer and perhaps in a few years, all over the world.

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Now, check out this one hottie or nottie or would I say naughty? (wink)



can’t get enough of this one;

hotter shoes

Hotter shoes guarantee your comfort and if your not satisfied with it, your always free to return your purchase.  But i bet it wouldn’t happen. Visit Hotter USA today and check out their autumn collection or like their Facebook page to learn about the latest updates.

Now, here’s the best catch.  Hotter Shoes is very generous to provide one of my lovely readers a chance to feel the same comfort i have felt with their shoes.  Check out the giveaway details on a separate post and don’t missed the opportunities to join.


High Quality Handmade shoes from Sandgrens

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Shoes are meant to give comfort to our feet and that’s the main purpose of Sandgrens.  I always love handmade products, whether it’s accessories or apparel and definitely a handmade shoes is definitely something every woman would want in their collection.

I believe that products created from hands have the highest quality since it’s created in a passionate manner and transcends on their work.  Sandgrens has been making clogs since 1846 and considered as one of the oldest clogs and once the biggest.  Just imagine making 1,000,000 pairs of clogs per year.  Sadly, those prime days comes to end but definitely not their legacy and the quality of their works and even with their small collection, you would definitely find something you would adore and keep for a long time and you will understand why old Swedes couldn’t depart with their clogs.

I have one clogs in my teens and i so love it.  To this date, you might have read me reviewing another clogs which i recently got so you should guess by now my passion for wearing one.  So, when I was given a chance to have and review their Philly Boots, I was ecstatic and even more delighted when they finally arrived.

I fell in love with it’s color and design.  Honestly, this is the most special shoes i have owned in my life so far, so forgave me for all the flowery words on this post.

Comfort and style, that’s something i can define Sandgrens Clogs and with their unique design, I’m sure you will be thanking me for introducing them to you. Although price at $269.00, you might say that it would be high on your budget but with the quality and the comfort it can give , you will definitely say that it’s totally worth it.

Do you love them?  You don’t need to go to Sweden to have one.  Go ahead and visit their online site and if you leave a message, don’t forget to mention my name.  I might not get a commission on them but at least they will learn that one happy consumer believes on their works and that would be an inspiration for them to create and provide more beautiful clogs such as this.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to learn the latest updates.

Big Sale;

A big sale would be happening on their online site this coming June 19 onwards , this I believe in time for Father’s Day.  So, if you are thinking of  buying your hubby a gift , why not give him a Sandgrens clogs.


Pixie Dust Heels – a pixies for your feet

Fixie dust heels- trunk show manila

I love shoes.  I guess every woman loves them.  Whether it was flat  or high heels, beautiful shoes are something worth buying and worth keeping.

Just seeing this today, makes my heart jumps and wanted to have one.  I’m a die hard fan of beautiful shoes and since the time i have seen different high heeled shoes, i remember my precious corporate world before.

I don’t know if i can still have the chance to wear something like this or maybe i can be as sexy as this model.  Wishes and more wishes, that is one thing i know i can surely do. Maybe, my fairy god mother would be kind enough to lend me a day or two for me to wear a beautiful shoes just like this Trunk Show’s pixie dust heels and attend a ball that would make every one turn around and look at my Shoes 🙂


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