Living a Fashionable Life with Zalora

For some, fashion comes naturally and because they have lived their life in a fashionable way.  If you want to be fashionable, you need to know the basic steps or ways to be one.  Because of the complexity of the world fashion, anything that are popular and well known to many becomes a fashion statement.

Everybody has their own fashion taste, whether it’s natural, chic, rock or vintage, what you think fits you and best describe you become your own statement and uniquely yours. This statement will also makes you stand out in the corporate world. Zalora offers a wide selection of corporate attire for men and women on the go that can help you stand out from your colleague.

This statement is also true when choosing your shoes. For someone who loves shoes, i categorize them from simple to totally hot shoes.  There are many types of shoes, some can be sweet and some are very rebellious with their image,  it’s okay to find something that makes you compatible but make sure that it will not be too bold otherwise you will be ruining your good reputation and can make a wrong statement as well.

Our fashion and the way we look can be a basis or show what our attitude and who we really are but for some, since how we dress affect our whole being and the image we are sending out to others. Starts on finding a nice pair of shoes that is not just comfortable but also stylish and speaks the image you are trying to give.

It’s not bad to be wild and out from our usual way but we still have to consider many factors when we do something extra ordinary from our usual image.

Knomo London: Stylish Laptop Bags

knomo london laptop bag

Bags, who doesn’t love them?  After shoes, bags is the most purchased item by woman and if your working, it is a necessity to find bags that are not just stylish and fashionable but also functional and cater your needs.

With my hectic life as a mother and working on a day job, I always chose big bags over the small one. When I received a Lola Bag from KNOMO London last year, my initial thought is that I have found the bag of my dream. Sturdy, high quality and thoughtfully crafted for a working mom like me although there are some cons on that because there are days that I felt it so big and heavy. No wonder since KNOMO means Knowledge and Mobility, their bags are designed to keep working people in mind.

Now, I’m too lucky (yes I could definitely say that) because Knomo send me their latest laptop bag.  This time, it’s a Slim Leather Shoulder Bag , (Wigmore) in Scarlet, this days I fancy red fashion that I kept on storing and buying different red shoes, bags and clothes.

So, let us take a look of this beautiful bag:


  • Quilted compartment with padded protection to hold a laptop up to 14″. Top zip is extended into the side gussets for a wide opening. Front pocket and interior organisational panel.


  • Constructed from Saffiano leather which is textured, hard-wearing and durable. The lining is colourful grosgrain. All hardware is bespoke for Knomo.


True to their promise and service, this new Wigmore Slim Laptop Bag has a classic style but fashionable enough to bring from office to your after work affair.  The inside is wide enough to put your things and a laptop of up to “14.  With the big and heavy bags they offer before, the Wigmore is a slim down version and a little lightweight.  It also has the same feature of KNOMO ID tag.  You can find your unique Myknomo ID number on the ID tag inside the bag which you needs to register on the site so you can easily find you when your bag got lost (which we really don’t want to happen)


I’m definitely loving this new bag. No wonder, why even Pippa Middleton always carry around her Knomo laptop bag.

 To learn more about stylish laptop bags from KNOMO  , you can visit their website.


and ooh, i forgot to mention , they have a new logo too which i find so adorable.


Fashion Diary : Daydream in Blue

The cold days makes me sick and more colder inside or perhaps it’s my emotion that is making me erratic since it’s my birth month and I haven’t able to finish all my pending blogging tasks which I should have done the first days of this month.

persunmall, fashion blogger,

Days are not always sweet and happy but then when you learn to accept things , as in literally think that your still lucky then your heart can be at ease.

They say that those who love day dreaming are people who doesn’t see the reality of life and those of who live in a fantasy world but I am a type who knows how to separate my fantasy and reality.  It is because i want to be happy even if i’m lonely and therefore create my own happiness inside me.

So good, i have sometimes to take off on my erratic behavior and smile and appreciate the beauty of music and life and of course online brands that shares fashionable apparels that can make your life more joyful and prettier of course.

My latest find at Persunmall is definitely worth it.  Not only they are pretty and their price is competitive.  Their services is efficient and their latest trends and collections are always up to date which fashionable ladies would definitely love to have.

Did you see my shoes above, i love how it matches my new blue bag, it’s really trendy and the buttons of my bag attracts many people to take another look at them and even would touch it to appreciate it.


They say that when your in a great deal of stress, shopping can somehow ease your mind but make sure when you does that, you have extra money to spend otherwise you will be adding headache over headaches.

Bluer than blue

Bluer than blue

Blouse & Pants – Romwe Fashion / Bag and Bracelet – Persunmall /

Shoes – SM Parisian / Shot Location : Universidad de Santa Isabel

Animal Print Fashion – One with the nature


Whether your going out to a small gathering with your family and friend or attending a night affair, a nature inspired fashion is always a major hit.  Nature colors can be great with just any skin tone since it easily blends within the personality of the wearer. I feel like i’m one with the nature just like this animal print fashion.

Animalistic  designs are definitely one of this year’s fave.  With prints from leopards, cats , lions and cheetah had been all over the net and showcases by many fashion designers and perhaps not just in fashion but in the music industry as well.

animal design dress, leopard print,

This is a very timely moment, whatever prints you decide to choose, make a colorful statement and be bold and proud to become one with the nature.

I have always been fascinated with animal design apparel and accessories but I’m always very vocal on the fact that animals should not be hunt down just for the sake of getting their skins to be created into different apparel.

That’s why, it’s just nice to have dress or accessories that depict a certain animal of knowing that their are not harm in anyway. For animal print fashion like this, Aupie would definitely give you a range of affordable and stylish apparel and accessories. Visit their site and find one today.

Fashion Finds : Funeral Traditions

It’s a fine day, a beautiful day to celebrate life and bond with the family but today we pay our last respect to a mother of a friend.  Life is indeed unpredictable, people will see you happy and enjoying life and suddenly, you will be diagnosed with sickness.  That’s why, it’s very important to enjoy it until it last, so that you can never get a chance to say “i wished i have done that”. This is indeed one fashion finds.

Black has always been the fashion in every funeral traditions.  We often see black dress, shirts or blouse since it associates with mourning but you can always wear any color as long as it’s not bold or very bright and wear simple yet elegant accessories or jewelries.

But with the latest trend and time and based on what I have seen, white with black accent has been more favorable and create a cool ambiance especially at this time that the grieving family needs more comfort.

Life is too short so make sure to count every blessings that comes around.

On the other hand, it’s not because your attending a funeral, you would never get the chance to wear something fashionable?  With East Clothes, you can definitely find something for every occasion.  Even if your attending a party, or celebrations or even a funeral, you can find affordable clothes to meet your demands and make you stand out from the crowd and the best part, they deliver so fast that you will think, their shop is just around the corner.

black bag, cheap bags,

I really love this studded bag, it’s very trendy and fits all my things into places and not to forget that the shoes is definitely a stand out. They often say that best things in life is free which I totally agree.  You can always have happiness even with simple things.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook to learn the latest updates.

Fashion Finds – Dare to be bold with Front Row Shop

What do you prefer? Soft or warm?  Dainty or Rock Glam?

I have always love edgy and rock style although i’m not that type that goes all the way since i still have some reservation but then when you become a mom, changes is inevitable and even your style will greatly affect this certain changes in your life but nevertheless, i’m still happy that I can still wear edgy style without looking like I’m trying hard for my age.

One online shop I found very interesting is Front Row Shop , just by browsing their site, you would definitely find something your looking for.  Although their site features  less collections than the others in the web, you could feel their dedication on every outfit they feature and created. Making sure to provide fashionable and trendy designs ready to compete with international brands but what’s interesting is that the price is definitely competitive and far more affordable.

high waist trouser with split

I’ve chosen this high waist trouser with side split and I can totally say that it was just like made to fit to wearer.  Not to tight nor too lose, it’s a perfect pair for blouses or even slim shirts.  For day to night time affair.  No wonder,it’s a blogger choice and indeed a fashion finds.

front row dress

I feel like a celebrity mom on this pretty red dress from their collection, it’s stylish and fits perfectly.  So, what do you think?

Check out their facebook page to learn the latest updates.   So, what can you say? Leave your loving comments and share with me your thoughts.

Bea & Dot at Mod Cloth

bea and dot

Bea and Dot is just one of ModCloth Private Label that you can check out for pretty dresses and apparel that’s great for day and night time.

 I love how each dress design and I’m sure you will find whatever your looking for.  From plains to printed one,  i’m sure you will be delighted to have one of their pieces.

I so love to have this pretty skirt with the dog design.  Check out Modcloth now and don’t forget ModCloth always has FREE US shipping on orders $50+.


Knomo London – Stylish and Fashionable Bags

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png


Finding a bag might be easy for some but finding a good quality bag that will last is another story.  I so love bags and I bet every woman does.

For an on-the go mom, i usually prefers bags that are big to cover all the things I needed but of course never to sacrifice fashion.  I always wanted that my bags are not just trendy and stylish but serves a big purpose in my daily life.

That’s where Knomo London bags enters into the picture, It’s versatility and stylish designs is something every woman would love to have.  Luxurious it may seem but everybody would die to have a branded bags in their closet but for me, what matters most is not just the name but something that will serve the real purpose of  carrying a bag.

Knomo offers stylish and fashionable laptop bags, iPhone and iPad cases for women and men alike.

And this Lola handbag from KNOMO embodies what i envisioned in my mind as a perfect bag.  It’s multi-functional, a bag great for shopping, going out to the gym or other activities that you love doing.

It has a front pocket that can fit your phones , keys or small things so you don’t need to search them inside your bag.  What I like most about this bag is that it has a quilted laptop pouch with shockproof protection that can accommodate up to 15″ laptop or your tablet perhaps.

The inside bright cotton lining is another quality features of this bag since it can help me easily find what I’m looking for and it totally adds beauty.   Another interesting part of this bag for me is their own Unique ‘If Lost’ ID number stitched inside to help reunite you in case your bag got lost.

I’m loving my new bag and I still can’t get over it.  Will definitely find a great pair of apparel and shoes and will ready myself for another OOTD and I will definitely share them with you.

Learn more about this luxury with purpose bags from KNOMO .  Follow them on Facebook to learn more updates and i believe some of their bags are on sale, so make sure to grab that opportunity because It’s totally worth it.

Zaggora Hot Pants – Lose weight in style

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png

When I have heard about hot pants that can make you lose weight?  My initial thought is, is that for real? Look at this Zaggora hot pants

From the initial launch of Zaggora, women all over the world are going gaga on this idea that they can lose 2 jeans sizes in a two weeks program.  Just imagine losing weight without much an effort. That’s something i would definitely would love to try. Lose weight in style with Zaggora.

Checking out their site, makes me think twice since a body blazer  and a hot pants could cost $120 and $97 dollars which is way beyond my budget but luckily for me because I was given a chance to try their products.


This Zaggora body blazer  could really make you sweat like crazy.  True to their words,  hot pants is indeed hot, at first, I felt i was suffocating , I have never experience to sweat like this even if i’m running or working out.   The  product was created with Celu-lite Technology™  a multi-layer fabric technology harnessing the body’s natural heat during exercise which may help to increase the metabolic rate, actually the feeling was like wearing the stomach band i used to wear after giving birth through CS but with zaggora fitness apparel, my whole body is sweating.

I wear them inside the house while doing my usual routine and I can feel the sweat falling down all over my body. Light , yes!  Comfortable, i have to think about it again because if your sweating all over the body, it’s not comfortable anymore but I guess it’s not being comfortable while wearing them is what your after for but to lose weight and burn calories and wearing your hot pants especially doing extensive training, running or even just walking can really gave you that result you have been looking and yearning for.


Two weeks program may sound easy but due to my busy office and house duties, i wasn’t able to fulfill them every single day. But I know how curious you are  to know how it works for me and yes, although I did not lose that 2 inches below my current jeans size.  I did lose weight  but I could not entirely say it’s entirely because of this apparel since i have been into diet.   What makes me love this product is the fact that they were made from recycled nano-sized coffee grounds and ice-cool crystals and you knew me, my heart always goes for those who believe in eco-friendly and organic products.

Would i recommend them?

If you can stand the extreme sweat it can give you, then your good to try them.  Although they are a little bit expensive to begin with, roughly $220 for a set with the result, this can be a good alternative for those who don’t have the time to go to the gym and you can still save a lot of money because gym program is a lot more expensive for some.  I guess with their two weeks program and a diet, you’ll achieve to lose weight.

So, what’s your Zaggora story?  Share them here and let’s compare notes.

Tokidoki Diaper Bag – Stylish bag for every fashionable mom

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png


Tokidoki, which translates as “sometimes” in Japanese, is the vision of Italian artist Simone Legno and his partners, serial entrepreneurs Pooneh Mohajer and Ivan Arnold. Since debuting in 2005, tokidoki has amassed a cult-like following for its larger-than-life characters and emerged as a sought-after global lifestyle brand. This innovative company is known not only for its eye-popping aesthetic and criminally cute characters but also its megawatt partnerships with the likes of mega brands such as, Hello Kitty, Karl Lagerfeld, LeSportsac, Barbie, Onitsuka Tiger, Marvel and others.

When I first seen a Tokidoki bag from a friend of mine, i could not help but smile and I wish i can have my very own.  It’s very stylish and reminds me of my high school years.

I thought it would be nice to brief myself and my readers about Tokidoki characters first before going to my product review.  Tokidoki Family includes the Cactus Friends, Donutella,  unicorn, Till death do us part, moofia and punkstar.  Each of the characters has their own definition and purpose and very popular to many kids, teens and young adults too.

But it doesn’t mean that because we are already mommies, we can just limit our selves with plains and prints and flowery designs.  Tokidoki is for all ages and it would not be a surprise if you see someone wearing a Tokidoki shirts or bags .

tokidoki diaper bag

This tokidoki x Ju.Ju.Be B.F.F. Diaper Bag Farfalle from their summer collection is simply something you would adore and probably correct, your BFF would probably get jealous when she see that you have one.

I remember the days that when we go out that I needed to bring a bag and another bag for my baby’s things.  Travelling or just going to the mall may require you to bring different baby things that’s why it’s very important for moms like me to have a diaper bag that can accommodate all his things

This BFF Diaper bag comes with detachable shoulder straps and messenger straps. That’s mean, i can use it in both ways which would be perfect if your holding your kid on one hand.  Comes with  flair,  elegance and style, this diaper bag is simply for all the OC one since it has a lot of compartments to organize your baby’s things.


the inside has lots of compartment you can use

With front pockets for those small accessories and things and an changing pad included, it’s very handy and a two exterior insulated bottle pockets with Thinsulate by 3M which you can keep those bottles warm or cold all day long!

tokidoki diaper bag

What I extra love about this bag is it’s versatile and has  AgION Antimicrobial Linings  which  kills germs, mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and other bad stuff and since the inside lining comes in yellow, i would never had a problem of not finding the things I needed.  It’s simply my all time favorite now!

Visit Tokidoki today and get their latest product.  You can also follow them on their Facebook and Twitter page to learn new updates.

Clipa – Fashionable Instant Bag Hanger


 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png

Have you ever had an instance that you don’t know where to put your bag because of lack of space or your afraid that it can get dirty when you leave them on the floor?

Honestly, I hate when the bottom of my bag gets dirty because it can transfer to my dress or pants when i hold them.

There was a time that I need to get a ballpen on my bag that I immediately grab it on the floor which caused days of back ache, luckily it wasn’t that big and no bones are broken or else I would end up in the hospital for weeks or even months.

Clipa was created to give your life easier and more enjoyable. The innovative designs of this bag hanger is simply smart, simple but very functional. It’s really lightweight and the design is very interesting.  It was specially created to put on our bag without excess weight on your part, so when the need arises, you can easily find a sturdy place to clip your bag so you are free to use both of your hands if you need to do something.

Whether it’s on your car, your kitchen or your living room , public bathroom or cafe or just anywhere as long as there’s a place to put on, you’ll find clipa very handy.

 It’s a simple piece of accessory yet very helpful and strong, it can even  holds 45 lbs and durable since it can lasts for 10 years of daily use.  Talking about value for money.

clipa bag hanger

trying out with my new bag

6 large Swarovski crystals adorn each Clipa handbag hanger and i get the chance to have the Vanessa – crystal clipa, a  gold design with Light Rose Crystals.  You know how much I love pink and how i support the awareness for breast cancer.

When you buy the Vanessa crystal clip ($39.99)  and the  Clipa for a Cure and Hot Clipa for a cure which is sold for only $19.99,  10% will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation which is indeed something worthy.

Such a lovely gift for your love one or to a dearest friend.  You can choose from their different design and swarovski finish.

Buy them now:

Visit their online store to get your very own Clipa bag hanger.

Get them for free:

Here’s the best part.  Clipa , The instant bag hanger is very generous to provide my lovely readers a chance to have their very own Vanessa Crystal Clip . Just follow the rafflecopter to learn more.

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clipa bag hanger



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Clip some joy to your bag with the world’s easiest to use handbag hanger. Instantly ready since it stays on straps and works virtually anywhere.

One winner gets a Vanessa Cyrstal Clip Hanger $39.99

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Zee Bra – Sensuous Bra for smaller busts

When i’m younger, i was  32A , i guess it can be a double A but where can you find such bra. I have strolled through different stores and malls to get one but i never find one.  Normally bra size starts with 32A and i have to wear them with pads just to make my front a little bigger which is extremely not comfortable for me.

Now, that i have two children, from 32A i become 36A but it doesn’t  mean that my bust size becomes bigger (only I become fatter) Many of my friends would tease how it looks like a plywood but i guess i’m not alone with this dilemma.

Finding the right bra for small bust size woman can be tiring.  Other bra usually had hook and eye adjuster,  under wires that sometime cause problems when they pop out and elastic bands around the rib cage that can really make you uncomfortable.

zee bra

Good thing, Zee Bra was created to give comfort and stylish protection for those woman who had smaller bust size.  The fabric was created with exquisite nylon blended with just the right amount of spandex for a secure fit and it has an adjustable padding in case you need one.  (about zee bra)

Delightfully sexy and stylish Zee Bra comes in three colors, black, dark tan and white. I chose to try the dark tan and just by the look of it, you know, it was definitely meant for me.

zee bra

The bra itself is very soft and looks really durable.  You can wear it with your day time apparel or even for a sexy evening attire since it was in V shape.  Truly Sensuous. Comfortable and Beautiful for a very affordable price.

Got a smaller bust size?  Check out Zee Bra today and let me know what you think.

Shop at Zee Bra    –         Like them in Facebook  –   Follow them in Twitter 

Here’s the best part.  One of my lovely readers can get a chance to have their own Zee Bra .  Watch out for this because ZEE BRA is one of my sponsor on an upcoming big giveaway.