Glee star Cory Monteith, 31, found dead in Vancouver Hotel on overdose


It’s really sad when you hear news regarding a good actor gone to waste because of addiction.  There are many Hollywood actors and actresses that have wasted their career and their life because of dealing into drugs and other addiction.  The last I have known is Whitney Houston and the recent news is the Glee star Cory Monteith which news says was found in one of the hotels in Vancouver Canada died because of overdose.

Cory Monteith have long been battling drug addiction even at his early age.  He attended 16 schools just to finish a degree but still it wasn’t possible until his parents decided to send him to rehab.  He was a troubled teens and just like some other teenage guy that i have personally known, this would not be over unless they have learned and comprehend that there is more life than this addiction.

He was seen and portrayed in small roles for different movies and television series but he made name as Finn Hudson on the famous Glee and of course, Lea Michele boy friend(a musical show that made million of teens dancing and singing).

I never liked Glee but occasionally watched them , i guess I’m just too old for that but i always love the concept of singing , dancing and acting at the same time and watching Cory on that show, i would say that he had improved a lot but nevertheless i know that he has problems with this personal life.

It’s a little early for him to go but that’s what you get when you played with dangerous acts, sooner or later you will be succumbed by it.  Another good actor turned into waste.