7 Ways To Make Her Birthday Surprise Unforgettable

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When it comes to surprising your special lady on her birthday, it’s time to really get creative and come up with something to blow her away. Whether you want to go extravagant or simple, store-bought or homemade, the key to pulling off the perfect surprise is to ensure it comes from the heart.

That being said, we’ve put together a few of our favourite ideas to help you out.

  • A unique card

If you want to give the special lady in your life a nice birthday surprise, take the time to make her a card. It is often the simplest of gestures that have the biggest impact and when she sees how much effort you’ve put into making her something, she will be delighted.

Want to add a gift to your card? Consider stunning silver rings for women on their birthdays.

  • Plan a getaway

Getting away together for some bonding time is great no matter what time of the year it is. But, a surprise weekend trip in honour of her birthday will definitely make her feel special, and just wait for the look on her face when you let her in on the surprise.

  • Get all sentimental

She is sure to love anything you do for her or give her if it comes from a place of love and getting sentimental will certainly let her know just how much you love her.

For this, there are a few things you can do, like:

  • Give her a special charm for her bracelet, or a special necklace to go with the ring you gave her last birthday.
  • Create a scrapbook or photobook that chronicles your life together from past to now, and even write her a note on what you’re looking forward to in your future together.

  • Take her on a night time picnic

Taking your special beloved out on a picnic under the stars, surrounded by nature is a thoughtful and romantic way to spend some quality time together. Pick a spot with some open space away from the city lights so you get the best possible view of the stars.

If it rains, you can take the picnic to the backseat of the car. The point is to spend some one on one time together.

  • Pamper her

Pampering is always a good gift. Whether it’s a voucher for a mani/pedi session or a coupon for a personal massage from you, she is sure to feel cared for.

  • Let her find a few notes

This is another homemade idea that will make her feel special all day long. Write a couple of notes with sweet, simple messages and hide them around the house, in her bag, and even in her car for her to find throughout the day.

Include messages like your favourite memories together, what you want to experience in the future and what you love the most about her.

  • Plan a surprise party

Last but not least, throw her a surprise party complete with her favorite food, drinks, and of course all her nearest and dearest.

5 Homecoming Dress Styles For 2018

Plenty of us look forward to the new school year with anticipation and plenty of excitement. Others wish summer was longer. Whichever you prefer, there is one thing you’re sure to agree on: homecoming is the perfect way to ease into the semester. From finding the perfect date to reconnecting with friends, the dance is a great way to kick off the year. The only problem is finding the right dress.

While homecoming trends come and go, the classic dos and don’ts will never fade. So, whether you’re on your way to becoming a stylish upperclassman or looking for the perfect dress, here are a few dress styles to help you pick your outfit.

  • Colour and Cut

Begin by determining the best colour and cut for you. If you have a cool tint to your skin, pick out a cool-hued dress and accessories, such as greens, blues and silver. If you have a warm tint to your skin, you should choose warmer shades.

As for cut, it all depends on the shape of your body. If you are pear-shaped, you’ll look amazing in a long or medium-length sleek dress. If you are apple-shaped, opt for drop or empire waists that draw attention to all your best features. No matter what shape you are, though, remember that classic cuts like body-hugging and uncluttered suit most people.

  • Beaded Dresses

2018 is the year of the beaded homecoming dress. If you’re outgoing and friendly, this is the dress for your inner sparkle. You’ll want to make sure the dress doesn’t overwhelm your figure or face, though, so choose carefully. Ideally, the dress should have a classic, toned-down base colour that has all over subtle bead work or just a few tasteful patterns. Don’t pick anything too complicated.

  • Lace Dresses

If your taste is elegant and feminine, try a lace homecoming dress. A pale lace dress conveys innocence and freshness, but they’re perfect for a formal evening event, too. Lace dresses can be mysterious and sophisticated.

Make sure the lace does the talking, though. Pick a dress in muted, classic tones and avoid over-accessorizing.

  • Floral Dresses

Floral dresses are flirty and girly. If you’re totally into the summer vibe, pick a bright floral print with an evening vibe to it. Go for florals that are offset by a darker background and pair with understated jewellery and simple high heels that you’ll find at homecoming dress stores like the Peaches Boutique in Chicago, IL.

  • Off the Shoulder Dresses

You really can’t go wrong with a sophisticated off the shoulder dress. If you have a petite frame, this cut lengthens the neck and draws attention to your beautiful shoulders. If you’re taller, you’re bound to feel poised and regal in such a classic cut. Off the shoulder dresses are also great if you love accessories. Use a piece of statement jewelry for a very special occasion.

Now that you have these 5 tips, all you have to do is find the perfect homecoming dress for your special night.

Your Complete Guide to Prom Dress Care

During prom season, every teen girl is hunting for the perfect dress and hopes she’ll be the only one in it. In her excitement, she wants to try it on a million times to model it for her girlfriends, make sure it fits perfects, and that it works with her planned hair and make-up choices. However, if your dress has intricate beading on it, you may be damaging your dress more than you think. These tips will help you care for your prom dress care before and after prom.

  • After you peruse and buy prom dresses online, see if your dress needs to be altered at all. Choose a professional tailor and ask them to fit you and them make the appropriate adjustments. After all, it’s a big day so you want your dress to look perfect on you.
  • Keep it in the garment bag that the dress boutique or the alterations place gave you. If either can, arrange to have your dress steamed the day before the dance so any wrinkles disappear. If that isn’t an option, bring your dress in the bathroom and hang it on the door and run the shower around 20 minutes. The warm steam will work magic to make those wrinkles disappear.
  • Use caution the day of your prom while getting ready and doing your beauty treatments. Avoid getting your spray tan too close to prom. Aim for at least two days before or the residue may stain your gown. The same goes for your make-up and hair products. Apply all deodorant, perfume, and fix your make-up and up-do before sliding into your gown. If you do get any stains especially lipstick, dab a bit of white shaving cream on it as it cleans and rinses quickly. Consider bring a Tide to go pen or another stain stick with you in your purse for emergencies.
  • Try not to snag your prom dress.  Be extremely careful with bracelets catching material and watching that you don’t bump anything at the dance. This is especially important if your dress features hand-sewn beads or intricate designs that could snag easily.
  •   Hang up your dress as soon as you take it off as throwing it over a chair will just wrinkle it more. Address any immediate stains.  If you find sweat marks, rub a damp bar of soap over the spot and then apply some liquid detergent and wash it.  Grass stains can be treated with alcohol and mild chlorine bleach. Keep on hand some of the basic stain removal methods, such as club soda, baking soda, and lemon juice.
  • Take your prom dress to a dry cleaner that specializes in formal gowns.  Dry cleaning it will extend the life of your dress, as well as reduce fading because of the special method they use. If you stain your dress at prom, arrange to drop it off the next day.

Keep your dress stored away in a garment back after you get it back from the cleaners. This will keep it fresh in case you decide to wear it to another formal dance.

Understanding the History Behind Punk Rock

Music has a powerful effect that can mold the minds of people and change the course of a culture within a society. In the 20th century, no form of music had a greater impact on the culture like punk rock. Punk rock was more than just a type of music. It was a sound that represented the ideologies of generations of people.

Punk rock began as an artistic movement. It was a way for the young generation of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s to express their frustration with society and with the culture that existed at that time. Over time, the effects of punk rock were felt in things like literature, poetry, movies, television, and art galleries. By the mid-1990’s, punk rock was something that was seen all around the world. Bands that were formed during the 1990’s are household names today. In just the course of a few decades, punk rock went from being a musical sound that defied the traditional idea of what music was, how it should be performed, and the rules that it should follow, and transformed into something that is considered mainstream. Now it is not uncommon to see women wearing punk fishnets on the streets.

Interestingly, for all of the impact that punk rock has had on society, very little has been written about its history. Much of its history is passed down through word-of-mouth. In fact, some would argue that society has as of yet not been able to codify what the word ‘punk’ means. Very little has been done to explore the effect that punk rock music has had on the languages around the world or the social makeup of individuals who form the core of the punk movement. Questions are left unanswered about things such as the role that women play in it, how it influences people who are outside of the culture, what effect it has had on ethnic minorities, and how the media’s perception of punk influenced the way that it is viewed around the world.

Something that is interesting about punk rock music is that although its influence is felt around the world, it is something that is essentially a part of American culture. While it is true that certain bands from Britain did bring sounds to North America that were later incorporated into punk rock, the culture as a whole grew up and came of age in the US. A study of the history of punk rock would reveal a lot about the evolving attitudes of society as a whole within the United States over the past few decades.

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ModCloth Open Casting Call

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Fashion mavens, rejoice! ModCloth is inviting you to come showcase your unique style at their #FASHIONTRUTH Casting Call for ALL event in New York City on September 3rd.

All you have to do is show up in your cutest outfit and you could be featured on ModCloth and across their social platforms. Anyone and everyone is invited, so if you’re in the area, grab your friends and go — this is an event you won’t want to miss! Head to the ModCloth blog for more details and RSVP info.

This is indeed one interesting event, so make sure to check them out.

World Cup Fashion : Fifa Brazil 2014

With the FiFa world cup coming very soon, I can’t help but notice the colors associated to it.

Red, yellow , green and  blue, it is indeed a beautiful colors that represents this year’s 2014 Fifa World Cup.

These block dainty colors associated to fashion could create a beautiful ensemble of clothes/apparel.  I found this creation in the net from Ralph Lauren collection and it definitely signifies the colors of this recent Fifa world cup.

Known for their colored shirts and designs, Ralph Lauren collection is indeed perfect for any occasion.  Be bright and bold with this following clothes.


The blue and green with a tint of yellow creates a blend of harmony that is pleasing to the eyes and definitely perfect as a riding outfit for those who loves the wild. Truly a world cup fashion inspired.


Ooh, I could not help not to fall in love on this green dress, although I don’ know if i can pull this through with my overly huge body now.  But the bag and the sunglasses is totally awesome .

Hot Wedding Trends of 2014

For all the lucky brides of 2014, there are so many different trends this year that are worth noticing. As in the past, the trend of making the wedding reflect their personalities will continue to sky rocket, and be more present than ever. Below are a few trends to take notice to when planning your big day.

Cakes of 2014

One trend that is on the rise is the “naked cake”. This increasingly popular fad foregoes the external layer of frosting along the sides to display the unpolished batter. Often accompanying rustic decors, naked cakes are usually topped with fruits, nuts, syrups, and even real flowers to create a charmingly simple aesthetic. These desserts can come in all different shapes and sizes, matching your personal preference and amount of guests. While it works well in rural settings, the naked cake will seem right at home in a minimalistic, contemporary warehouse environment.

Vintage-styled cakes will never grow old; this wedding facet experienced a surge in 2013, and expect to see more vintage cakes this year than last. Brides are opting to showcase nontraditional add-ons to the decorations, like lace, pinwheels, and pearls.

All about the colors

Pink has always been linked with unconditional love and romance, so it shouldn’t be a shocker that this hue will continue to be popular with this year’s weddings. Blush styles will “take the cake”, as this softly feminine tint works well with vintage palettes and can offset the cool aloofness of blues and greens without competing for the spotlight. Many bridal designers are even now incorporating it into their creations, like many of the wedding dresses by Vera Wang offered at David’s Bridal.

With it being the year 2014, we cannot forget about the pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid. This subtle purple tone goes well with mostly every wedding theme. Balancing royalty and a sense of whimsy, this playful tone will look particularly fetching on bridesmaids.

Themes of 2014

Rustic barn weddings are very popular this year, as it incorporates rural touches without the risk of being rained out. Similarly, the woodsy theme is becoming more prominent. Both themes are commonly minimally decked out with mason jars and/or twinkle lights, mismatched centerpieces with wild flowers, medleys of lace and burlap textiles and playful, DIY elements. Selection in foods tend to be simpler (no chocolate fountains), and focus locally grown ingredients.

Popular culture is continuing to inspire couples in 2014, notably the Great Gatsby and Mad Men. For the former, gold plays a significant role in decking out the environment, as do feathers, pearls and shimmery materials. Many brides wear flapper dresses and encourage their guests to dress in a similar fashion.

 For weddings inspired by the AMC show based in the 1960’s, it’s very much about the retro style. Women should consider tea-length gowns or tight-fitted dresses that show off their va-va-voom curves; red lips and nails are a must; and accessorize with hair nets, pearls and white gloves. Don’t opt for a faded, vintage color scheme and, instead, embrace boldly contrasting combinations like red, white and blue.

All these trends and themes are perfect for 2014, but what is most important is what you truly love and want. After all, it’s your big day and only happens once, make it count.

2014 Romwe First Big Sale

great sale romwe

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Sheer Dress – Hollywood Actress revealing fashion attire

You might have seen her before in Kyle XY but you must agree with me that you  didn’t know Jamie Alexander that much until now.

jamie alexander

credits : Agence France-Press and Getty Images

Just recently, she steal the red carpet and the eyes of many when she attending the Red Carpet Show of  2013 sequel, Thor: The Dark World with a very revealing black Azzaro gown. It’s safe to assume that she’s wearing something beneath that dress but who knows she might not.

Seriously, sheer panels are now all over the fashion world.  Last year, it was the revealing leg scene with many Hollywood superstars creating a big buzz showing their legs in the red carpets and this year, who could forget Gwyneth Paltrow’s sexy dress on another red carpet premiere of their film, Iron Man 3.

gwyneth paltrow in revealing dress image via phchollywoodlife

Even at her age and with kids, Paltrow looks really sexy and i might say, i felt sad and envy her.

This stars really know how to make people remember them but i do hope that this sheer panel apparels would not cause more scandals like what Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have done.

Sheer is indeed the sexiest trend this year and I wonder if i could keep up with this trend since I don’t have the body to flaunt.

Layla Grayce Offers 15% off Pom Pom at Home

School is fun especially for little kids.  Since school time is near again,  Layla Grace offers great deals for school accessories that your kids would surely love .  The Zoo Pack Owl backpack is where fun meets function, the whimsical details and durable materials make this the perfect on-the-go pack.

It’s very pertinent that kids gets the best on their lunch or snacks,  The design blue and orange zoo animal print design of Monkey Mania Lunch Happens bento box  is perfect for any kids.  It has  double-decker, reusable square case features pre-measured compartments for fruits, veggies, sandwiches and treats and a built-in handle.

Soft and lightweight, theKashwere kids striped hoodie will keep your child cozy and stylish year-round on the playground.

Be sure to check out Layla Grayce for all your back to school needs! Click the links for the details.

Quick make up guide for busy working moms

For working moms like me, I know how busy morning can be. From preparing the breakfast, to getting your kids dressed for school and  rushing out to beat the traffic on the road, so you can come to work on time. It was indeed a busy morning that sometimes, we don’t have the time to put on a make up but don’t forget that besides being a mother, your also a professional who needs to look presentable and charming.  Sometimes, busy working moms always reason out that their hands are all full and there are million things to do  that even putting a lipstick would be very impossible. Here’s a quick make up guide for moms out there.

But I came into realization that when I look better, I feel more better, even if it’s not a working day and you will only just stay at home taking care of the kids, it is always nice to look at the mirror with a fresh face than seeing yourself very worn out, tired and dull.

I know, I’m not a professional make up artist nor a stylist but this quick guide is based from my own experience .  This can help you look and feel beautiful in just few minutes of your time, barely 5 minutes on my part.

Be organized

To start with, make sure that you have your handy make up organizer to put your make up, so you can just get it out easily each morning.  On that bag, you can put the basic, like  an eyeliner, blush on, lipstick, mascara, pressed powder and for me, BB cream. It is also good to have the basic make up brush set, mine even though i have professional brushes, i enjoy using Avon’s brush set to help my  make-up time smooth and easy.

Refresh and Moisturize

avon anew vitale

Make sure that before you apply your make up, you have a clean face.  I have learned that using a moisturizer is very important.  Avon’s  Anew Vitale Day cream helps to energize your skin and formulated with Pro Energy Complex to help strengthen skin.  It has Spf 25 also to help you protected from the harmful sun rays.

Flawless complexion

While it’s good to put a foundation to achieve a flawless complexion, it can takes some time to apply them, that’s why I’m really thankful when  BB cream came out in the market.  It is definitely a must-have for busy moms; it fills the job of a luminizer, primer, moisturizer and sunscreen.  Avon’s skin goodness moisturizing BB cream has SPF 20 and it’s easy to apply,


helps disguise dark circles, blemishes and even out skin tone.

Glowing Eyes 

The eyes is the windows of the soul and it can also reveal if you had a rough night.  Even if your sleep deprived , a good eyebrows and a sheer, shimmery eyes can do the trick. Avon’s True colour eyeshadow quad in Purple Pop can be your day time to night time make-up.


You can use the light shade for day time and apply additional coat for an emergency night dinner with the family or friends.   I like Avon’s Super shock max mascara , it add dimensions and glow to my lazy eyes.  Just a few coats and it makes my exhausted eyes to an instant wow with 15 x more volume.

Sun Kissed Glow 

Give your pale face additional glow.  It doesn’t need to be always in red or pink, (although I love them on my face) this ideal Luminous Blush in Peach from Avon is simply lovely, use your blush brush on the apples of the cheeks for that youthful, natural glow

Perfect Pout

avon lips

I’m a confessed lipstick addict, i so love putting different shades of lipstick and I could  never leave the house without wearing one.  For busy moms, it’s good to use a lipstick that can last all day so you don’t need to reapply always.  Avon’s Ultra color lipstick gives a vibrant lip color that help your lips stay fresh and vibrant for hours with a nourishing formula and self renewing pigments.

It only takes minutes for you to have a fresh glowing pretty look that is not over done and perfect for working mom.

Layla Grayce Nursery Design

As part of Project Nursery’s Skip*Hop Nursery Design event, Layla Grayce joined actress Tiffani Thiessen, Joy Cho of Oh Joy! and Joni Lay of Lay Baby Lay in an exciting baby room design contest, where each participant was challenged to design a beautiful nursery on a budget! Vote for Layla Grayce as your favorite nursery design for a chance to win a Skip*Hop Springtime Birds Musical Crib Mobile and $100 Layla Grayce gift card! Three lucky winners will win a mobile and a $100 shopping spree towards Layla Grayce! Hurry, because this contest ends on July 10th! Vote Now!

This would definitely be a big event and you should not missed it.  I’m so loving each designs and i would really love to join.

For more information on this contest, visit: http://www.laylagrayce.com/blog/2013/06/20/project-nurserys-skiphop-nursery-design-event/.

Cate & Chloe Jewelry Giveaway


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Redesign your Fashion with Zips Shoes

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png

While going through my blogger friends sites,  I chanced upon this pretty changeable shoes,  I thought it’s very unique since I never heard something like that before.  So, i tried to pitch them and ask i can do a review of their shoes  Lucky me, oh yes!  Now,  i’m a proud owner of this interchangeable shoes. Ooh, correction , it’s for hubby thought, my early father’s gift for him.

True to what I have read from my friends, this shoes are really comfortable and  stylish, although we only receive a pair, we can still get a chance to change them with their other designs since it’s readily available at Zips Custom and Shoe Buy  and they are very affordable.  I’m thinking of buying another cover for myself since we share the same size.  LOL.

Zips shoes aims to give fashion a new meaning with their interchangeable design.  It’s easy to change to something new without going to any hassle.  So, if your looking for fashionable shoes that will fit your budget and style.  Visit zips shoes and make that change today! Follow them on Facebook as well as Twitter to learn the latest updates!

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So, do come back to learn the giveaway mechanics.

Sale Alert : Tea Collection Memorial Day Sale

Holiday is such a beautiful day to celebrate with family and friends.  This memorial day as we celebrate men and women who died while serving the United States Armed Forces,  it’s also a great time to do find good treats online.  A fabulous sale today through monday,  May 27thTea Collection is offering $15 Girls Dresses, $12 Girls Leggings and $12 Boys Tops.

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