Fitness – Fun Indoor Wall climbing

Wall climbing looks like a lot of fun but it is considered as one extreme sports because you need strong hands and legs and i not to forget a lot of determination to get on top.

Rock climbing has been a well known sports for many adventurer and hiker but for people like me who could not bear that so much heights, wall climbing is another great alternative.   Good thing because a recent high end subdivision here in our area provides different activities that definitely rocks for fitness minded people.

Indoor climbing wall has been very popular sports on many countries not just here in the Philippines.  i guess, if your gearing for a real mountain climb, this is one basic popular training aid to keep you fit and ready for the real challenge.  Indoor rock climbing are sometimes created from bricks and hand pegs are  designed in different sizes making it more challenging.  It is basically safe because gadgets are readily available and trained climbers are there to help you make it to the top, although it would be a great challenge to know your way up.  The good thing with this is you get the chance to climb based on your own pace, if your tired, you can just say that you wanted to stay put and relax and climb again.

Indoor wall climbing doesn’t need experience, even if this is your first time just like me, you can easily get on the groove because you don’t need to buy sports attire or sports gadgets to try this.  The ropes, harness and materials are readily available for rent. Any sports attire can be used as long as you are comfortable with it. This sports is basically affordable and can be tried any time.                      

They say that there are different techniques but motivation is one thing i know can help you.  So, if you are in for some adventures, try this indoor wall climbing , although i can say that the one i tried is not indoors since i can feel the heat of the sun that doubles the challenge.   Would i do this again?  I would definitely love to try this again come summer time.