Hollywood Fashion- Drew Barrymore on fashion and motherhood

I guess, Hollywood is one place that fashion is indeed part of  them.  I thought, it would be nice to feature atleast one actress or actor in a week and see what they love, their fashion statement and the life they leading.

Actress, movie director, producer, a mother of a new baby girl,  Drew Barrymore is a name I have known ever since i have learned to read and watch television.   I guess she indeed love flower, after forming Flower Film, she    recently launched her beauty line called “Flower” which will be exclusive in all Walmart and what’s the great thing about  is, It could be one of the major beauty skin care from a celebrity that doesn’t cost hundred or thousand of dollars but it doesn’t mean that it’s less a thing.

 Photo by Donato Sardella
Source: WWD.com

If you think that it was just created to go with the trend, apparently your having a wrong notion, as I have read Drew Barrymore served six years for Cover Girl as their co-creative director until such time that she decided to produce her own beauty line.

Inspired with the 90’s look, Flower Beauty line are all under $15, you can buy some for just $4. Now I wish i can have atleast some  of this 181 items. (i’ll definitely ask some friends to get them for me) .  Flower Beauty doesn’t have grand advertisement because she thought it would add up for additional expense that the consumer would have to carry but I guess, this one doesn’t need too much advertisement, Drew itself is already a household name.

Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore

Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore

She’s passionate with this new endeavor and especially on taking care of her four month old daughter , “Olive.  That’s mom power 🙂

Here’s another good news.  You don’t need to go to Walmart store to get one , you can buy through their online store and get free shipping when you buy  $45 up.