Sappe Beauti Drink – Collagen and Fiber Drink for a beautiful you

beauty tonic

Just found this Beauti Drink (beauty drink) from Sappe.  Although, i am not someone who encourage beauty drinks , i thought it would be nice to try it so i can let my readers know about this new beauty drink that can be found on your local drugstore or grocery.


The collagen drink was apple flavored infused by 1000 mg collagen which I believe was taken from deep sea fish, Benefits promised  includes increasing skin moisture, fight osteoporosis, maintain skin elasticity.

And for those who wanted to maintain their figure and good weight,  the The Sappe Beauti Fibre drink  has 8,000 mg. & L-Carnitine is definitely worth looking forward.    Since fibre is known to help our metabolism, i thought this would be a great drink for me.  

Who doesn’t want to be beautiful and healthy.  I think everybody does, i’m not quite sure if the components are natural since i don’t remember reading it on the packaging.  Both tastes just fine with me although I could not say that it makes me beautiful in one drink.  Just with other product, continuous usage is the key. 

Will I buy it again?  Will definitely try it once more. 

Affordability :  It’s within your budget.