Card Cubby – Fashionable and Stylish way to organize your coupons

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card cubby

Do you love freebies or discounted items perhaps?  Who doesn’t love to go on shopping and coming home full of bags of free or discounted items, i guess each of us would say that they do love that idea too.

With all the coupons that you can get from the internet and malls, you must have a bag or a pouch to save all of them otherwise you will end up wasting your precious time looking for them at the time your really needed one.

Card Cubby, is something you would definitely have, it’s a  gift card organizer, alphabetized organizer, rolodex style card organizer, business cards, discount cards, insurance cards, store loyalty cards ultimate organizer.


What I love with this coupon organizer a label organizer is already included so I don’t need to go create one.  It can even accommodate my cash and my cellphone, so i don’t need to bring another bag or  wallet going to the nearest mall or supermarket.

coupon cubby

I so love the design of this Rosetta Pink croc coupon cubby that when i was given a chance to choose one, this one immediately caught my eyes and attention, pretty in pink,  something worth having.

If your having problems with your unorganized coupons and card, look no more,  Card cubby can do magic to you!  Visit their site to learn more and follow them on facebook for more ideas.


But here’s the best part.  Card Cubby is very generous to offer one reader or her very own card cubby.  It’s very easy to join so do come back.