Quick make up guide for busy working moms

For working moms like me, I know how busy morning can be. From preparing the breakfast, to getting your kids dressed for school and  rushing out to beat the traffic on the road, so you can come to work on time. It was indeed a busy morning that sometimes, we don’t have the time to put on a make up but don’t forget that besides being a mother, your also a professional who needs to look presentable and charming.  Sometimes, busy working moms always reason out that their hands are all full and there are million things to do  that even putting a lipstick would be very impossible. Here’s a quick make up guide for moms out there.

But I came into realization that when I look better, I feel more better, even if it’s not a working day and you will only just stay at home taking care of the kids, it is always nice to look at the mirror with a fresh face than seeing yourself very worn out, tired and dull.

I know, I’m not a professional make up artist nor a stylist but this quick guide is based from my own experience .  This can help you look and feel beautiful in just few minutes of your time, barely 5 minutes on my part.

Be organized

To start with, make sure that you have your handy make up organizer to put your make up, so you can just get it out easily each morning.  On that bag, you can put the basic, like  an eyeliner, blush on, lipstick, mascara, pressed powder and for me, BB cream. It is also good to have the basic make up brush set, mine even though i have professional brushes, i enjoy using Avon’s brush set to help my  make-up time smooth and easy.

Refresh and Moisturize

avon anew vitale

Make sure that before you apply your make up, you have a clean face.  I have learned that using a moisturizer is very important.  Avon’s  Anew Vitale Day cream helps to energize your skin and formulated with Pro Energy Complex to help strengthen skin.  It has Spf 25 also to help you protected from the harmful sun rays.

Flawless complexion

While it’s good to put a foundation to achieve a flawless complexion, it can takes some time to apply them, that’s why I’m really thankful when  BB cream came out in the market.  It is definitely a must-have for busy moms; it fills the job of a luminizer, primer, moisturizer and sunscreen.  Avon’s skin goodness moisturizing BB cream has SPF 20 and it’s easy to apply,


helps disguise dark circles, blemishes and even out skin tone.

Glowing Eyes 

The eyes is the windows of the soul and it can also reveal if you had a rough night.  Even if your sleep deprived , a good eyebrows and a sheer, shimmery eyes can do the trick. Avon’s True colour eyeshadow quad in Purple Pop can be your day time to night time make-up.


You can use the light shade for day time and apply additional coat for an emergency night dinner with the family or friends.   I like Avon’s Super shock max mascara , it add dimensions and glow to my lazy eyes.  Just a few coats and it makes my exhausted eyes to an instant wow with 15 x more volume.

Sun Kissed Glow 

Give your pale face additional glow.  It doesn’t need to be always in red or pink, (although I love them on my face) this ideal Luminous Blush in Peach from Avon is simply lovely, use your blush brush on the apples of the cheeks for that youthful, natural glow

Perfect Pout

avon lips

I’m a confessed lipstick addict, i so love putting different shades of lipstick and I could  never leave the house without wearing one.  For busy moms, it’s good to use a lipstick that can last all day so you don’t need to reapply always.  Avon’s Ultra color lipstick gives a vibrant lip color that help your lips stay fresh and vibrant for hours with a nourishing formula and self renewing pigments.

It only takes minutes for you to have a fresh glowing pretty look that is not over done and perfect for working mom.

Skin Care Friday – Timeless Beauty from Flawless Beauty Online

It’s sad to say that I am not born with a pretty white skin but living in a place that majority of woman is longing for white complexion and people are very sensitive to talk about their skin color, it is always my desire to have one.

There are hundreds of skin lighteners in the market today and claiming one thing, a solution for giving a white complexion but honestly, it’s really hard to pick the best.

I have tried several whitening body soap and lotions in the past to address the dark and uneven pigmentation issues in my body and finding the right solution can sometimes cost a fortune.  Although some have suggested for me to undergo cosmetic methods or to drink those famous drinks , I still have lots of inhibition and hesitations.

When I have heard about Flawless Beauty Online Shop, i was skeptical at first, I wonder what would be the difference of this product from the others i have tried before but seeing how many people trusted and actually bought this product (not to mention her worldwide costumers) there is no doubt that these product gives positive result.

timeless beauty by flawless beau

I have given the privilege to try the Timeless Body set which is composed of this ingredients;

Kojic Acid –  it is known to help treat pigmentation problems and age spots.

Glutathione – We all know that this is an essential nutrient that our body needs which also helps provide beautiful skin.

Placenta – known to restore the natural moisture of our skin.

Collagen – is made out of protein which is very essential to help our skin healthy.

Other ingredient includes, Ginseng, Swiss Apple Extract, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Soya oil, vco, moisturizing palm oil, CDEA, Fragrance.

For the past few days that I have been using the product, I can see and feel a visible result of  lightening in my skin, it leaves a soft and smooth feeling and it doesn’t irritate the skin which is somehow my common problem with the other whitening products.

We are all aware that big impact or effect could not achieve overnight or for a period of days but I can fairly say that with long term use, it can provide a very good result that I have been wanting to achieve.  I couldn’t say also if it whitens you instantly but it can enhance your complexion and even out those black pigmentation you have before.

timeless beauty, flawless beauty,

The packaging is somewhat different compared to the one you can bought on the stores or malls but I don’t even mind because the product itself outshines it and I so love that the color comes in pink which is really dainty and sweet.

Suitable for normal to dry skin, Timeless Beauty Soap and lotion is indeed worth having and not to forget, it’s definitely affordable for just Php. 345.00 for the set (shipment not included) .  A real value for money!

True to it’s name, Timeless beauty set gives beautiful skin, a look less your age.

Want to have beautiful, white skin?  Check out Flawless Beauty Online Shop in Facebook and let me know your thoughts afterwards.

AHAVA Moisturizer – Sample Room Review

ahava moisturizers

ahava moisturizers

Comes in a recycled paper bag, Sample Room offers different sample product exclusively for their followers.  Products ranges from skin care, hair , perfume and make-ups.  Founded by a beauty blogger, Sample room provides sample products (does the name itself) for consumer to try and review before buying the actual size. You can get sample by using your available points and that points will be returned to you plus additional point after you have made a review on that certain product.

I so love moisturizers, honestly I have several of them (others are still unused and still on their original packaging) that’s why I thought it would be nice to try this AHAVA Essential Day moisturizer for normal to dry skin. AHAVA is an Istraeli cosmetics company which products came from mud and mineral-based compounds from the Dead Sea. ( afterfurther research about this company, i have also learned that they  encountered several controversy in the past)

AHAVA day moiturizer (actual size) around Php. 1,100.00


This pampering face cream infuses the complexion with lasting hydration and protects against environmental damage, leaving skin feeling supple and soft gaining back its natural glow.

  • Protects against environmental damage with Vitamin E and soothes with Aloe Vera
  • Amino Acids are rich in humectants  (http://www.ahavaus.com/essential-day-moisturizer-normal-to-dry)

Sounds good, don’t you think. Indeed true, upon using the sample product, I instantly feel that my skin become more supple and soft and it has a light smell which means I don’t have to worry my nose.  I guess continuous usage of this moisturizer will give you more lasting benefits and a glow that I have always wanted to achieve.  Would I buy them?  Perhaps I might but the price is  beyond my means this time.

Back to Sample Room, I guess, I’ll look around again and see items I would like to try but just an advised , shipping fee will be charged so make your choice well and get two items or even three if your points can do so.

The Face Shop – SM Naga City Now Open

The Face Shop added a new branch on their lists of branches around the world.  SM Naga City Face Shop is now open for all customers and beauty lovers.  I would really love to take pictures of their new shop but I’m having problem with my camera cell (that’s another sad story).  Anyway,  i could not help myself to look at their beauty and skin care products and I have noticed that they do have nail polish too which I would really love to try.

the face shop

the face shop

 Kim Hyun Joong poster makes me smile and looking at their products reminds me that science and nature really bring happiness to people like me who wished to enhance their given beauty.  The Face Shop shares the same awareness to people to rediscover nature while protecting beauty and nature through their products.

I am definitely looking forward on reviewing their products.

Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

cetaphil daily advance ultra hydrating lotion

Equipped with ERC5 (epidermal replenishing complex) unique combination of five ingredients to help maintain healthy skin.  Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating lotion is specifically created for those people who had dry to very dry skin.

The non-greasy, fragrance free and non-comodogenic lotion is best suit for people like me who suffers flaking and skin dryness.  I don’t need to worry about blocking my pores or harsh ingredients.  When use liberally all day, you can feel the softness and smoothness it brings.

skin without cetaphil ultra hydrating lotion (pardon for my big hands)

As we grow older, our once smooth skin can become dry because of different factors that we encountered each day.  That’s why we need the help of lotions to bring the softness our skin lost.  Although, the smoothness could not be achieved over night with the frequent use of Cetaphil Ultra Hydrating Lotion, i know and believe that my skin will be back to it’s glorious time.

Skin with cetaphil ultra hydrating lotion

Now, you can see the shiny effect it gives on my hand.  It’s shiny and not greasy and the fact that it is more smooth, now my husband would probably hold my hand more.

Stylish in Red – San San Nail Polish Review

Stylish Red

I always love having my nails done with beautiful nail polish color.  It’s one part of my body that i so like the most. Well, for some obvious reason, because i can make them long and change the color of my nails on whatever my mood is.

Stylish in Red

 Although, I know how to clean and put some nail polish on my nails, i still prefer  someone doing it for me.  Because, it can make me relax for a while and even sleep for a minute.  Although, it is not advisable to have your nails polished on a weekly basis (because it can lose the nutrients and it can become yellow when polished often).

I’m not particular in nail polish, although I have some favorites, i love playing with different colors and nail arts for sometime. Now a day, i rarely use red in my nails because of my present work in the judiciary especially when i have a duty.  But red is one of my fave color because of it looks really regal, bold and stylish.

San San nail polish is just as beautiful to the nails, it’s easy to apply and the most important part is it’s very affordable. You can buy them on your nearest local HBC store.

 Disclaimer: This review is based on my opinion and did not intend to harm or promote any brand or company.

Free Mimi Skin Care Sample

All natural skin care

Who doesn’t love freebies?  I so love them that even this website name is dedicated to freebie finds.  Another great freebie for every mom is this Mimi Skin care products which includes sample pack of their four skin care products.

Our sample pack is great way to try a range Ma Mi Skin Care products and take the first step to glowing skin! Packed in a little green sachel, it also makes for a great skin care travel pack! Each sample pack includes our Reawaken Cleanser, Glycolic Exfoliator, Nightshift Eye Serum and Satiated Moisturizer.

No Toxins
No Parabens
No Filters
No Petrolatums
No Sodium Laureth

Whenever, i heard the word, “natural”, it always caught my attention.  I wanted to try this one and see for myself the beauty it can offer.   It’s easy to get the sample, just click the picture to get on their facebook page.  (Remember, you need to be a fan to get one)  Don’t worry, this is not an affiliate link :0

Great Solution for your Cracked Feet

Cracked feet,  who wants that?  Cracked feet is the symptoms of dry feet.  It’s a fact, many of us used to prioritize making our face or body beautiful and forget that our feet also needs special attention.   Dry feet can be caused by changing of the season and when your feet is lack of hydration because of the long time suffocation on using socks and  sometimes high heeled shoes, cracking becomes visible and sometimes accompanied with itching and burning.

Another cause would be is if you have a sudden change weight that cause your feet to crack and even a long time period of bathing can also cause our skin to lose moisture which can result in cracks.

Prevention and Remedies

Nourishment and protection is needed to avoid cracked feet .  Hot baths and showers while using strong soaps should be minimized or controlled.  Your diet is important too because if you add too much weight, it can caused your feet to cracked.  Hot season could not be avoided and we tend to love spending long time in the shower room , so keep it short to avoid having cracked feet.  Drink lots of water as water helps us stay hydrated.

Soaking feet in lukewarm water with a 3 tablespoons of table salt for few minutes can helps to soften the cracked feet which can ease the problem but this takes time.

There are over the counter topical ointments that can be bought and used for cracking feet  especially cracked heel but sometimes, we don’t know if those could work or worse if there could be side effects.   One remedy i have found is Sophie Paris Cracked heel cream.

cracked heels remedy

 Sophie Paris cracked heel cream is specially formulated  with ingredients that can help to solve and prevent dry, hard, rough and cracked skin. It has portulaca extract which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and flavonoids. Portulaca extract has known strong anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties. Clinical studies have proven its tumor growth inhibiting properties. It immediately calms sensitive, itchy skin. It is a natural source of the vitamins A, C, and E, and the co-enzyme Q10. As an antioxidant it fights premature aging and protects from environmental skin damage. ?

remedy for cracked heel


Our feet deserves the best care and getting rid of those cracked heel.

Procedure:  Get an ample amount of the cream and apply it on your feet especially on the cracked area.  Cover it with socks and let the magic work while you sleep.

Repeat the process every day for about a week and you can see the result.

Result can vary depends on the gravity of your cracked feet.

Visit your nearest Sophie Paris branch or lady to buy now.

Disclosure:  No payment was made for me to make this review.  This is based on my personal experience.  Sophie Paris Cracked Heel cream is part of the prizes i have won from Sophie Paris Twitter Contest.

Sophie Paris