The beauty of life #BeautyAsIAm

I might say that things are not in accordance with what I have wished and hoped for but nonetheless, I am very thankful that after all the trials and adversary, I am still holding on and looking proud as ever.

There are days that I feel I’m like a tiger, ready to grab all the opportunity that comes in my way. My head is up and high as if saying that I have the mighty power in my hand, ready to face anything and everything.

My life is definitely different 10 (ten) years ago.  Before, I used to be a simple working mom, juggling work and kids  but thankfully, blogging becomes part of my life and it was never been the same.  Blogging brought me many things, open a gateway for me to know more about myself and my passion in life. The once ugly duckling is now a full grown woman showing the world what she can do.

Although, I could not consider myself as a real fashionista nor a beuty, I have my own style and charm and the most important part is I know what I am capable of. We are all beautiful in our own way, “she’s just a pretty face” is an absurd word, for me having beauty is nothing if you don’t have the brains and you don’t know how to value the things you have in your life.

But still considering that this post is about giving gratitude to your outer beauty, I must say that I am proud to have a pretty eyes, it’s not big nor small it’s just a perfect almond shape with brown shade and combined with a not so pointed nose. 

Before i used to envy those who have small lips but later on, I comprehend that many girls to have a large lips like the models who used to pout their lips.

 I am uniquely me, sometimes I can be erratic, sometimes cheerful and funny but one thing is for sure, I always have an ear for everyone, i can listen and I do listen well. I can be your good friend  and I know how to appreciate and value friendship. The beauty of life is definitely something worth thankful for, I am beautiful, more than words.