Fashion Accessories for Less

Fashion forward individuals are well aware of the advantages of having accessories as part of your outfit. Some looks are really incomplete without the proper accessories on. Having the right bangle that matches with your watch or the right earring for the new blouse you just bought yesterday or a hat that will work well with your dress fashion accessories for less. As your wardrobe grows and as your closet gets filled, getting the right accessories for every item you have in your fashion collection becomes a necessity.

You do not practically have to worry about this because there are a lot of cheap accessories out in the market that will suit and will make your outfit of the day. From bangles to earrings, rings, brooches, even bags and hats. You will definitely find an affordable accessory with good quality and that would last long as well. You can check out for affordable accessories that can make you look pretty. 

The demand for accessories has increased gradually throughout the years because of the increase of individuals getting passionate about fashionable clothes and outfits. Malls, stalls and even online shops sell fashionable and affordable accessories. So the next time you buy new clothes and dresses, go and find an accessory or two that will match with your clothes and would make your outfit of the day complete.

Spring Time to Shine

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Share your spring style with ModCloth’s ‘Spring-Time to Shine’ Contest, and you could win a $50 gift cerfiticate!

To enter is very simple — just snap a photo of yourself in your freshest spring ensemble and upload to the Style Gallery. Outfits do not need to feature ModCloth ( but of course it’s   encouraged!), and users can submit as many entries as their hearts desire.

Two winners will be chosen and featured by ModCloth. This contest is open to both domestic and international applications through 1 p.m. PT on 4/28. You can check out Modcloth’s  blog for more details. Good luck pretty ladies

Fashion Finds – Dare to be bold with Front Row Shop

What do you prefer? Soft or warm?  Dainty or Rock Glam?

I have always love edgy and rock style although i’m not that type that goes all the way since i still have some reservation but then when you become a mom, changes is inevitable and even your style will greatly affect this certain changes in your life but nevertheless, i’m still happy that I can still wear edgy style without looking like I’m trying hard for my age.

One online shop I found very interesting is Front Row Shop , just by browsing their site, you would definitely find something your looking for.  Although their site features  less collections than the others in the web, you could feel their dedication on every outfit they feature and created. Making sure to provide fashionable and trendy designs ready to compete with international brands but what’s interesting is that the price is definitely competitive and far more affordable.

high waist trouser with split

I’ve chosen this high waist trouser with side split and I can totally say that it was just like made to fit to wearer.  Not to tight nor too lose, it’s a perfect pair for blouses or even slim shirts.  For day to night time affair.  No wonder,it’s a blogger choice and indeed a fashion finds.

front row dress

I feel like a celebrity mom on this pretty red dress from their collection, it’s stylish and fits perfectly.  So, what do you think?

Check out their facebook page to learn the latest updates.   So, what can you say? Leave your loving comments and share with me your thoughts.

THboxes Review and Giveaway – Beautiful Things in every box

The winner of the giveaway is posted below:

Beauty in every box, that’s something  THboxes can give their costumers. If you are looking for inexpensive yet fashionable accessories, you came in the right place.

fashionable and affordable accessories

With the rise of wholesale fashion online, offers fashionable jewelries, women clothing, shoes, bags in a very affordable price and what’s good about it is the fact that it comes with a free shipping worldwide.  Aiming to provide the best products with the best service at the best price , Thboxes make true of this promise.

I have seen several online wholesale site who indeed offers affordable wholesale amount but the shipping fees will definitely kill your budget. Aside from the affordability, the shop also offers 10% coupon code for every review you will post on the products you ordered.

I got the chance to choose a product to review, since I so love shoes, i chose this pumps strap sandals in grey. The original price is $34.32 but with the discount, it is now $18.88, almost  50% discount.  The sandals is made of good quality and can be compared along side with branded sandals that you can buy in the mall. I remember that i bought a sandal with the same design from a well known shoe brand last year but it doesn’t last long .  I have high hopes for this sandals.

Now, for the best part, generously offer to give my readers a chance to receive a beautiful accessory.  You can choose any accessories from their site under $8.  Here are some of my favorites ;


Now for the rules;  Open Worldwide, 18 years old + ,

1. Register with  and tell me on the comment section,what e-mail address you used to register and what would you want to get as a prize.

2.  Like them in Facebook and post this status ;

@Fitnessfashionandfreebies fashionable treat from @thboxes

(don’t forget to tag fitnessfashionandfreebies and thboxes for your entry to be valid)

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Once your done , report your links below.  Please remember that i will verify your entry for you  to win. This blog is not responsible for shipping the prize.  Winner will be determine via

OPEN WORLD WIDE – March 19 – March 29, 2013