Hot Wedding Trends of 2014

For all the lucky brides of 2014, there are so many different trends this year that are worth noticing. As in the past, the trend of making the wedding reflect their personalities will continue to sky rocket, and be more present than ever. Below are a few trends to take notice to when planning your big day.

Cakes of 2014

One trend that is on the rise is the “naked cake”. This increasingly popular fad foregoes the external layer of frosting along the sides to display the unpolished batter. Often accompanying rustic decors, naked cakes are usually topped with fruits, nuts, syrups, and even real flowers to create a charmingly simple aesthetic. These desserts can come in all different shapes and sizes, matching your personal preference and amount of guests. While it works well in rural settings, the naked cake will seem right at home in a minimalistic, contemporary warehouse environment.

Vintage-styled cakes will never grow old; this wedding facet experienced a surge in 2013, and expect to see more vintage cakes this year than last. Brides are opting to showcase nontraditional add-ons to the decorations, like lace, pinwheels, and pearls.

All about the colors

Pink has always been linked with unconditional love and romance, so it shouldn’t be a shocker that this hue will continue to be popular with this year’s weddings. Blush styles will “take the cake”, as this softly feminine tint works well with vintage palettes and can offset the cool aloofness of blues and greens without competing for the spotlight. Many bridal designers are even now incorporating it into their creations, like many of the wedding dresses by Vera Wang offered at David’s Bridal.

With it being the year 2014, we cannot forget about the pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid. This subtle purple tone goes well with mostly every wedding theme. Balancing royalty and a sense of whimsy, this playful tone will look particularly fetching on bridesmaids.

Themes of 2014

Rustic barn weddings are very popular this year, as it incorporates rural touches without the risk of being rained out. Similarly, the woodsy theme is becoming more prominent. Both themes are commonly minimally decked out with mason jars and/or twinkle lights, mismatched centerpieces with wild flowers, medleys of lace and burlap textiles and playful, DIY elements. Selection in foods tend to be simpler (no chocolate fountains), and focus locally grown ingredients.

Popular culture is continuing to inspire couples in 2014, notably the Great Gatsby and Mad Men. For the former, gold plays a significant role in decking out the environment, as do feathers, pearls and shimmery materials. Many brides wear flapper dresses and encourage their guests to dress in a similar fashion.

 For weddings inspired by the AMC show based in the 1960’s, it’s very much about the retro style. Women should consider tea-length gowns or tight-fitted dresses that show off their va-va-voom curves; red lips and nails are a must; and accessorize with hair nets, pearls and white gloves. Don’t opt for a faded, vintage color scheme and, instead, embrace boldly contrasting combinations like red, white and blue.

All these trends and themes are perfect for 2014, but what is most important is what you truly love and want. After all, it’s your big day and only happens once, make it count.