Swish for a Long Lasting Freshness

Minty meets fruity that’s what Swish Mangosteen feels like in your mouth which when you gargle twice a day just not help you fight bad breath and prevent gingivitis and plaque but also gives you a  long lasting fresh breath all day long.

swish mouthwash

It is not just our teeth that needs proper care, our entire mouth needs to be well taken care too especially that in a day, we often open our mouth not just to talk but also for some other purposes.

If you don’t take care of your mouth, there is a big tendency that it will develop plaque, cavities and eventually tooth decay.  To avoid this problem , dentists as well as our parent teaches us to brush our teeth many times in a day but is brushing just enough?

No, you also need to floss as well to use mouthwash to help strengthen those teeth and keep our mouth fresh all day long.

Here’s another fact about Swish Mouthwash :

swish breath fresh

Swish Breath Spray – instant fresh breath in 10 seconds!
Swish has 2 formats namely: mouthwash and breath spray to keep your breath fresh anytime and anywhere. Powered by SureFresh Technology, Swish doesn’t just cover up bad breath because it kills bad bacteria, prevents plaque and gingivitis for long-lasting fresh breath. 
So, for that long lasting fresh breath make sure to always have Swish breath spray on your bag or pouch for that instant freshness wherever, whenever.

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