Rio Soul – Functional Barefoot Style Shoes


Inspired and born in Ipanema, Brazil.  Rio Soul is an inspiration of the  beach life while appreciating the beauty of sunset and starry nights.  It’s an answer to a dream of passion to give and  for the world to know the beauty of Brazil.

Different from it’s contemporary, Rio Soul gives a new level of comfort by creating their shoes from breathable fabric, soft sole and light weight materials to make it super flexible but this does not mean that the shoes is less of quality but instead it exceeds my expectation.

Converting a ballerina slippers into a fully function shoes is definitely a genius innovation especially if that is something you can wear on your daily fitness routine like when I’m doing my zumba and  pilates and I think even yoga. This functional barefoot style shoes have been trending this days and many fitness enthusiasts are now into it and I’m just happy to be a part of that growing community.

What I love about Rio Soul  shoes is their simple yet attractive design and the combination of each shoes and yes not to forget, the comfortable feeling of wearing them.


Now, that the Fifa World Cup in Brazil had just began,  I think it’s a great idea to know products that shows the vibrant culture of Brazil, i believe that it’s a perfect timing and indeed a great opportunity to learn a part of them. Visit their facebook page to learn more about their shoes.

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