Ralph Lauren Sunglasses: Timeless Vision Pieces

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, thus the importance of a clear and just vision is necessary. Through time, our eyes age and will sometimes require the aid of prescription glasses. For those lucky to have perfect vision till their later years in life, having classic eye pieces is still necessary.It protects the eye from heat, from dirt and other harsh particles in the environment.


One of the most iconic, classic and lasting fashionable sunglasses comes from Ralph Lauren. The style that the brand carries is synonymous to the American spirit and has been the trade mark of sophistication and class for nearly four decades.


The innovative brand is also one of the leading brand when it comes to clothing, accessories and fragrances and has been a favorite piece for almost every fashionable icon around the globe.  Timeless vision pieces are indeed synonymous with Ralph Lauren.

Keeping up with fashionable pieces for the eyes can be quite costly, thus having a brand you can trust to when it comes to durability is also important. This is what Ralph Lauren is very proud of. It is classic, timeless and it lasts. The brand may be a little bit pricey compared to its contemporaries but durability and class has no price tag. This and more is what Ralph Lauren is very proud of.  Finding that perfect glasses for you may be quite a task especially if there are many beautiful pieces for you to consider. But one thing is for sure, you only want the best and that is what Sunglasses Shop comes handy. They offer authentic and only genuine glasses from well known brands.  That is why, you are assured that you are getting the true worth of your money.

The  products they offer comes straight from the manufacturers.  Sunglasses Shop is a Ray-Ban Certified Dealer, and listed on the Oakley website too. 


Men and women alike are enjoying the designer pieces and timeless sophistication the brand offers.  That’s what Sunglasses shop is offering to their costumers. They also offer the best designer eye wear with prescription lens and you will be rest assured that their laboratory has a  fully-qualified opticians who make prescription glasses and sunglasses lenses every day.

Their collection of sunglasses are available for both men and women of different ages. To know more about authentic and genuine eye pieces, visit Sunglasses Shop today.

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  1. Paol Trenny says:

    I would like the RALPH – 5160 Black 501/11 in black or blue because I love polarized sunglasses. My hubby got me hooked on them.

  2. Susan Smith says:

    I like the RALPH 5162 Tortoise 502/13

  3. Deborah W. says:

    I like the Ralph tortoise shell because I think they look stylish.

  4. Nicole Carter (Weasley) says:

    I want the Ralph 4095
    Gold and Tortoise because they are so stylish and cute!

  5. Natalie F says:

    I love the Ralph ‘5177 Gradient Blue 123011’

  6. Cathy Jarolin says:

    I Love the Ralph Lauren Brand. Anything I have ever purchased form them is exceptional in Value and Quality. I know their Sun Glasses are awesome. They have that Classy Look I Love! The first thing I ever had from Ralph Lauren was Perfume. My husband bought me it Long time ago! I loved it and wore it faithfully. Thank you for your awesome Review on the Ralph Lauren Sunglasses! Have a great Day!!

  7. ralph 5196 blue

  8. Jessica Cox says:

    I would love to have the 4096 Gold Cream Brown 101/13

  9. nicolthepickle says:

    These are super stylin’. I’d have to have prescription ones, but if the price is right.

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