Posy Lane – Fashionable Personalized Bags for Kids

For mothers, we only want the best for our kids.  We love to surprise them with beautiful things that they would surely love. Posy lane a company that offers   personalized duffle bags is one example that kids can be as fashionable as we are too.

They offer different personalized girls backpacks that i need to spent a considerable time to browse again and again on their bags galleries because i totally love and want all of them.

posy lane

But because i needed to choose only one design, i particularly chose this pink  Stephen Joseph ballet shoes quilted back pack, since my daughter was fascinated with ballerina’s and she adores pink.

Just like what I have imagined, the bag is very light and dainty.  Although it looks like small, there are lots of things that can actually fit from it.

I also like how her name was embroidered on the bag.  It’s very clean and you cannot even see traces that it was newly sewn.

posy lane quilted back pack, monogram

The back pack was totally 100% cotton and has an adjustable button, the draw string is also long to accommodate storage if in case you have more things to place inside.

What i love; 

It’s very durable and washable too. My daughter really loves the design and was very proud to use the bag because her name was on it.

Although some may think that $21.99 can be a little bit expensive,  it’s worth your money because it gives a lot of purposes too.

Just we wish it has an inside pocket but nonetheless, it’s really a perfect bag for toddlers.


Shipping is very fast.  I ordered the bag on a certain date and on the next day i received a confirmation on my e-mail that my bag is already on it’s way.

So, if you are looking for fashionable yet affordable customized gift,  head on to Posy lane and browse their collections of different duffle, back pack bags, kids sleeping bags, aprons , blankets and you can even find beautiful gifts for moms and your friends. This can be a perfect gift for any occasion too.

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  1. I love personalized stuff! I wonder if they have bags for little boys too. 🙂

  2. My daughter also choose one of their backpacks. She chose the Stephen Joseph Cherry Quilted. I love the bag because it’s customized and purely cotton.

  3. Jessica Cassidy says:

    Beautiful backpack for that beautiful and chinita girl f yours Sis Mel 🙂 I love the design and the customized name as well 🙂 K is using her backpack and lunch tote since the day I received mine 🙂

  4. I am very satisfied with their product quality wise fantastic! My daughter loves her too!

  5. Nice color and cute design. MY niece would definitely love this!

  6. aw that is a cute bag! perfect for a cute little girl. i am wondering if they ship internationally?

  7. Oh my! your daughter and I have the same name and it’s nice to see our name written on that cute Posylane backpack!

  8. Ashley Costanzo says:

    This is such a cute bag, and would even work as a flower girl gift!

  9. I love Posy Lane! Such a cute bag! Love the color too.

  10. md kennedy says:

    So adorable! No more losing our stuff at dance class!

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