Plump that pout with Avon’s latest True Color Technology

With the likes of Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and local actress Anne Curtis showing their big pouting lips, seems many girls are now rambling about big lips.

There was a time that I hate having this kind of lips.  Some of my classmates would even tease me for having  a different lips from my other classmates but I guess in time, I have learned to appreciate what was given to me  especially when I have learned how to apply lipsticks and the thought came to me that having big lips seems an advantage for me especially when I was growing up since boys find it more attractive.

But even though you don’t have a pouting lips, you can still plump that pout by knowing some tricks on applying your lipstick. (although, please don’t mind my chappy lips, i’m using a natural balm so it could get back on how it was, luscious and soft )

Anyway, here’s a simple way I have learned on achieving a plump lips which I regularly do.

avon lips

  • First, you need to outline your lips with a darker shade of lip pencil. To achieve a more fuller or bigger lips, outline it outside the line of your lips.
  • Choose the color that you like,   lipstick, lip stains, lip glosses , this are just some of the ideas.  Fill your lips with it.  You can directly apply the lip color or you can also use a lip brush to attain a more lasting result.
  • Remove the excess lipsticks /color using a Q tips.
  • If you want your lipstick to stay more longer.  Dab your lips slightly with tissue and apply another coating of lipsticks.
hibiscus color from Avon

Ultra Color Lipstick in Hibiscus

I am now loving this Avon’s Ultra Color Lipstick.  This vibrant lip color is really interesting because what color you see on the lipstick is the same color that will appear on your lips.

lava love

Avon’s Ultra Color Lipstick in Lava Love

A little note:  I have learned that make up artist use concealer to help make the lips more fuller,  I guess, i need to learn this trick and I will let you know once i have perfected blending the concealer to achieve more desirable result.  

Of course, it doesn’t stop there.  You need to exercise your lips and practice on creating a beautiful pout.  Sometimes, i look at the mirror and push my lips as if kissing somebody. It does help me but of course I want to know the result on you.  Let me know what you think.

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  1. Tericia Lee says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Avon, they’re so affordable and quality wise, I’m very satisfied. Owh, I love that colour u mentioned! And its suits u well…

    Thanks for the pouting tips too..

  2. Lisa Brown says:

    thanks for the tip about using concealer on the lisp before apply lip products.

  3. Avon Ultra lipsticks are really good. I have one in shade Sangria and I love the colour pay-off!

  4. I LOVE the Hibiscus-Ultra Color Lipstick fro Avon! I never knew Avon had such cute make-up, for some reason I thought Avon was only for older women. I was totally wrong! I’ll have to check Avon out! Thanks for showing me this!! 🙂

  5. Larissa Manguba says:

    The shades fit your skin tone. And thanks for the tips about putting on concealer. So informative. 🙂

  6. janine santos says:

    there goes the saying that “the best make-up that a girl could wear is her smile” putting color to it is just a bonus..then making it pink..well..i definitely make you look youthful..^_^

  7. Emilie P. Udasco says:

    I love the shade and you’re so pretty! “)

  8. shelly caudill says:

    great tips, thanks so much

  9. i lvoe the color and will try it and the concealer trick

  10. marissa lee says:

    thank you for the tip,i love the color so light and pretty.

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