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Summer is a fun time to celebrate under the sun.  Kids love the thought of enjoying a good swim,  whether it’s a nearby pool or beach,  they always look forward on playing with water.

 Whether your family is going for a travel or even just on your own backyard,  it’s very important to have summer clothing that can protect you and your family from the harmful rays of the sun.


There are many articles that discusses about UVR or Ultra violet rays and sunburn is one sign that our skin has been exposed with too much UVR and prolonged exposure to it can causes serious healthy problems which often resulted to skin cancer or cataracts.

That’s why health advocates recommends to use clothing products and accessories that protects our skin from the harmful solar UVR.

Being a mother, we always wanted to get the assurance that our kids are protected with this harmful UVR.  I make it a habit to apply lotion with spf especially made for kids sensitive skin.  I even let them wear hats and polarized sunglasses but little did I know that this is not enough to secure them.

It’s also best for them to wear a protective clothing with UV protection.  That’s where Platypus Australia came into the picture, there products are indeed specialized swimwear apparel that kids will surely love.


Kids love to enjoy the water  and disregard about the summer heat,  for them swimming is something very enjoyable.

Platypus Australia swimwear apparel has SPF 50 which is rated as having excellent protection which our children badly needed especially this great heat.


The swimwear is soft to touch and fits easily to my little boy. He loves the color and knows that this one is for him. I am very happy to be given the chance to receive and review one swim apparel for our darling Ritz. Seeing his face, you know he is enjoying the backyard swimming and yes just like the majority of kids, they are really hard to stop especially when they love what they doing.

Good thing, i don’t need to worry that much regarding UVR because my kids are covered by Platyful Australia apparel.

Check them out today and join their facebook page.

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  1. Look at that adorable little one of yours mommy. Looking good in his suit. Gotta protect our little ones precious skin from the harmful UV rays. It is really nice that there are certain clothing that can help that. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. He’s very handsome. That’s a nice protective gear from the sun especially there in our country where heat is extreme.

  3. That swimwear is look fantastic., and im sure you kiddo will wear that countless of times this summer. thanks for sharing good review.

  4. That sounds good, I always looking for some swimming apparel for my kids that would safe for them to wear and protect them from harmful sunshine. Thanks for sharing about this.

  5. yes indeed. it’s time to get soak and wet 😀 UV protection for all of us is a must to have

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