2012 Romwe Black Friday Sale

Ooh, Black Friday is one event that Fashionista and fab shoppers are very excited to have.  Shopping is indeed woman love to do especially those who … [Continue reading]

For the Love of Skin II – Fabulous Cetaphil Freebies


Wedding Inspiration – Pink Feathered Wedding Gown

I have seen some pictures of lovely brides wearing those pretty pink gowns on their wedding day and I totally love how they proudly flaunt it for the … [Continue reading]

Fabulously Red Fashion

Red defines warm, bold and powerful.  It is the color which extrovert people usually chooses.  Some will view it as love since it's the color of blood … [Continue reading]

Conzace – Secret to Immunity and Fabulous Fitness

For a working mother getting sick is the last thing I would ever wanted but I could not help myself not to get lack of sleep considering that I still … [Continue reading]

For the love of Fashion Giveaway

StyleLately.com brings you all the latest trends and hottest collection of fashion jewelry and accessories for 40-70% off! For the Love of Fashion … [Continue reading]

HBC- Giving everyone the right to be beautiful

HBC advocacy campaign aims to give every filipino the true beauty while helping our environment and social development.  I have known about HBC since … [Continue reading]

Caronia – For the love of chocolate

September is chocolate month and what great way to celebrate it is to make your nails extra chocolatey.  Who doesn't love chocolate?  So, last … [Continue reading]

Getting yourself ready for sports- importance of blood pressure check-up

Whatever sports you would wish to start, it is very imperative to check your health whether you can do that certain sport or activity you wanted. … [Continue reading]

Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

Equipped with ERC5 (epidermal replenishing complex) unique combination of five ingredients to help maintain healthy skin.  Cetaphil Daily Advance … [Continue reading]

Sophia Loren – A Tribute to a Fashion Icon

I  remember during my teen years, a lot of older woman (mostly grand mother) would often comment that I do look like Sophia Loren because of my high … [Continue reading]

Look of the Day – Beauty of Fall

Fall Fashion by melandriaromero featuring metal rings Summer may be over but since it's the time of beautiful leaves, dresses, greens and … [Continue reading]

Sheinside.com Autumn Contest- Polyvore set

Autumn Bliss by melandriaromero featuring leather coats Autumn is a season to celebrate the beauty of fashion.  Sheiniside.com is currently … [Continue reading]

Witchy Lawn Inflatable Giveaway – US and Canada

Halloween is quickly approaching! Decorating yards can be a tedious task, but not with a lawn inflatable. Simply plug it in and let it inflate for an … [Continue reading]

A beautiful nymph

image source marian's facebook page  Marian Rivera is one of the few actresses in Philippine television that I so admire.  It's not just her … [Continue reading]