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For a busy mom like me, I rarely get a chance to go on shopping and buy my own things.  I would rather stay at home and do the chores and enjoy my short time to bond with my kids after a busy work.  Especially this days that i don’t have a house help and hubby has just recently assigned in a place far from our home.  But this does not mean that i have to sacrifice my fashion needs since i also need to look good and presentable.


Good thing, this modern world and the latest technology  is indeed a savior for busy people.  Online shopping has been the latest trend this past years and even at the comfort of your own home, you can visually choose and find what you are looking for and even pay them with ease.

CleoCat Wholesale Fashion also offers drop shipping and wholesale fashion which is very good for moms who wished to start their own business selling fashionable clothes and accessories to their friends and colleagues. Since they offer no minimum purchase, you can just choose what you like and pay for it.  Online shopping, truly a blessing for shopper lover. 

Asian fashion has been dominating not just the online shoppers  and I must say, that this is not a surprise since top Asian Celebrities are now taking the center stage and Korean fashion trends has become a staple in every events.

To learn more about CleoCat products, check out their FAQ . Even if your a busy mom or students perhaps, they can help you create your own fashion statement with an effortless shopping experience.

Dress :  CleoCat Fashion
Coat and Bag :  Romwe Fashion

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  1. Ooh! I love online shopping! Thanks for the tips! :)

  2. Wow, daming shoes o! :)

  3. i am also tied up inside the house the whole week and only during weekends that i get the chance to go out with my husband and kids, i also do some online shopping but i restrict myself to do it only once in a blue moon or else i’ll be burning a hole in my pocket ahaha

  4. Shopping online is very convenient most especially for busy Moms like us. What I love most about online shopping is, I can shop while blogging and blog hopping. :)

  5. Pagkagandang modelo naman nyan, ikaw na sis. I love your dress!

  6. my mom hasn’t embrace online shopping yet. I wish she will though, so I have someone to support me when I go shopping online heehee. It is indeed hassle free! Nice outfits you have here =D

  7. I have no time for shopping at the mall too and yes online shopping sites are a big help to busy moms like us.

  8. Totally perfect! Love their goodies too!

  9. I like shopping online for what I need because I don’t have to waste time and gas.

  10. Online shopping gives comfort for us moms. But as much as possible I limit myself. Btw Sis, you look even more slimmer on your photo!

  11. So liked your outfit. Everything goes well and your accessories. Thanks for sharing this site, gotta check this out!

  12. same here sis..i’m also hooked on online shopping…it’s very convenient for busy working moms like us:)

    You look pretty good with your dress and that mint bag is covetable:)

  13. Online shopping is indeed a savior for busy moms like us.

  14. Jeraldine Tolentino says:

    shopping makes easy because I can shoppe online!thanks for the tips!

  15. Joy Merced says:

    I love that backpack! So chic!

  16. Pearl Paguio says:

    I’m a full time and I rarely go out shopping but I also haven’t tried online shopping yet but i would love to, thanks for the tip!

  17. Yna Bronozo says:

    My first experience with online shopping is with ROMWE which I won so I have no doubts in ordering but when it comes to my own money I always have second thoughts hahaha that’s why I rely on blogs to see reviews/comment on a certain online shop before I order anything. So this post is very useful.

  18. nice backpack

  19. Cel Fajardo says:

    Online shopping is hassle free and save you a lot of time..

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