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With all the advocacy to live a more eco and sustainable life, many companies have come up with their different sustainable eco-friendly products.  And you might have heard me not just a dozen times that using reusable bags can do wonders to help our environment.

One brand that supports this advocacy is Omnisax, the same company that brings Envirosax  which features different reusable bags that you can use on your daily life.

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But what makes Omnisax different from other eco-bags I have owned so far is that although they are lighweight , they are made from quality that last and it’s waterproof and with its fashionable designs you can bring even in an elegant occasion.

Designed with fashion on mind,  this bloom bag are made from polyester and has a capacity of 44lbs.  I love how they incorporate flowers, shapes and funky designs on their bags, this is perfect and very handy to bring inside your bag since it can be rolled up and easy to open when the needs arises.  It is also a perfect bag that you can bring when you go out for outing  this summer.

Visit their site to learn more about their different designs and make sure to follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

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  1. love this! it’s soo trendy. I love cloth bag but frankly the cream color that is so common can be a bit dull for outfit. This floral print is what I’d love to rock! kudos too for the heavy weight capacity!

  2. i love those eco bags

  3. A great way to go green and avoid using plastic when shopping. Very stylish too.

  4. jared's mum says:

    i love this eco bag! it has a very lovely design that i won’t mind carrying it around wherever i go! you did not mention the price, i hope it is something a cheapskate like me can afford! 🙂

  5. i love eco-bags! I started using them when I learned about them!

  6. I so much admire company who support recycle stuff , i love the second tote bag 🙂

  7. Who wouldn’t love reusable bag these days. Some states here in America mandatorily use reusable bag otherwise you will be charge for some fees. It’s by law.

  8. I love this bag! I got an Elmo design and love using it :)!

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